You’ll Be Rocking “All Night” to Joey Capo’s Latest Single

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Joey Capo returns to BuzzMusic to share his latest work, and his new single “All Night”.  Originally from Pennsylvania, Joey relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 to expand his career as a musician and producer. He has been writing his own music since he was 16 years old and has grown exponentially as an artist through hard work and dedication. Just four years later, he taught himself how to produce his own music, which gave him more creative freedom. His music has many elements that have drawn listeners and his love for his craft is beautifully expressed in his songs. “All Night” is a powerful blend of R&B and Pop music. The simple beat emphasizes the catchy melody and Capo’s vocals. He sings of love and passion, the kind of love that makes you treasure every moment and hope it doesn’t end. Capo’s lyrical gifts allow listeners to get lost in the music and feel the emotions. “All Night” has a great beat and smooth, flowing vocals with an echo effect, altogether making for a rejuvenating track. This is one you’ll want to listen to with the volume full blast.

Listen to "All Night" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Joey Capo! Thank you for sharing “All Night” with us, we love it! Can you describe the moment you began writing and did you know right away that this would be your next single?

Thanks again for have me and featuring my new single “All Night”. This record was one of those songs that just came together pretty quickly. I and MAJIN the producer for the song were just in the studio going through some ideas we had at the time. Yet, nothing was really clicking at first. Then he started playing a really simple chord progression which really sparked that creative process. With me and production less is more. I like to really work with a clean slate when it comes to the records I want to create. So it started as those chords and some percussion. Again, I just really felt the vibe of the record so once I started writing the lyrics and melody just fell into place. Which listening to the record the chores was inspired by Lionel Richie’s hit song “All Night Long”. But yes, I knew right away that I wanted to start 2020 off with this song. It's just one of those songs that people can vibe to. As well as this being the first song I released with MAJIN, listeners can get an idea for even more great music to come from us together.

Who are two artists that you take inspiration from lyrically or musically? If you had to choose, which one would you want to perform live with?

Two artists that have been bringing a lot of inspiration lately for the music I been creating would have to be The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. As for The Weeknd, I was always drawn to the dark R&B type of music. Just that vibe alone is the type of space I create my own music in. I feel like having that type of mood in the music I make, the listener can get lost in the lyrics and connect more with the story I am singing about. But with Justin Bieber, I feel that I connect with his actual life story more. Which when he released his new album “Changes” it really resonated with me. Seeing how he deals with depression and his insecurities, while also how he recently got married and how that impacted his life in such a positive way. I right away feel for him on all those levels. I have struggled with depression and insecurities throughout my life and music was definitely one of those outlets I was able to express that and be more transparent towards the listener. Yet, I am also happily married with an amazing woman, who is undoubtedly the foundation in my life and who helps me keep that perfect balance with all the obstacles I face day by day. But if I could perform live with either of them, it would be a blessing. Yet, I would probably lean more towards Justin, just because I already feel like we have a similar vibe and story to the music we create.

Can you dive deep into the meaning behind "All Night"?

The “All Night” record is more so one of those fun records, highlighting a night out, and just living in the moment.

Did your writing process change at all when you began producing your own records? Which aspect of music-making do you prefer the most?

Starting to be more in the process with production, definitely changed the writing process a lot more in a good way. Like I said before I connect more with beats that have less going on because it allows me to control the direction of the records melody. So being able to build the production around that melody I sing and add those little nuances to really make the record pop, even more, does help the process go smoother. I really love writing and production equally, to be honest. Because you can’t paint the picture you want to create without having a canvas to it paint on.

Thank you for talking with us Joey, what do you have coming up? We can't wait to hear what's next from you!

I definitely have a lot of new music coming this year. As well as an EP I have released in May with a producer I started working closely with. The producer LUPO is from LA and has been working on music in a short time. Yet, we both connected well as if we were one artist. Lupo and I started creating music which really became the exact sound I have been wanting to create. so we came up with the idea of making this EP to bring that sound to life. I'm not going to talk to deeply about it just yet, so keep an eye out for that whole project coming this May. Thanks again BuzzMusic for the love and support, look forward to working on the next release with you all. Keep striving.