You’ll “Hurt So Good” After Listening to Gary Thomas’ New Track

Gary Thomas started his childhood destined for a life of entertaining. Joining the choir at a young age, he was able to discover his love of music, with help from the countless radio stations played by his father growing up. Gary Thomas is also incredibly skilled in writing and production, as well as acting. He spent a large portion of his high school and college careers devoted to theatre productions, multiple forms of dance, and vocal development. The extensive training that Gary Thomas has done puts him at an advantage in the entertainment industry, and his ever-growing stage presence and charisma will bring him to wonderful places in his career.

Hurt So Good” by Gary Thomas is his latest song release, a different and spunky R&B track with stellar vocals. The song has a darker tone to it, conveying desperation and longing. Gary Thomas’ musical theatre background shines out from the power behind his voice, and the background vocals are reminiscent of a chorus ensemble at certain points in the song. “Hurt So Good” has a solid but slower background beat, it almost feels as if you’re on the edge of your seat throughout the song, waiting to hear him sing the next line. He sings about not being ready to let go and instead of letting himself get hurt by someone over and over again. He conveys emotion expertly, and we highly recommend giving this one a listen!

Listen to “Hurt So Good” here.