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You're Going to Want to Listen for "One More Minute"

A London-born Hip-hop artist, Sean Slick, is considered one of the best rappers in the country. A skilled emcee with a sharp flow, evocative lyricism, and vivid storytelling, Sean Slick continues to appeal to his fan base as he displays introspective, catchy, and vulnerable imagery.

Taking it to his most recent EP, ‘Rap Scene Menace 2,’ Sean Slick can be heard collaborating with the talents of AO Baker in order to produce the intoxicating vibrations of the fourth single featured on the project titled, “One More Minute.” Combining the intellectual rhyme schemes dispersed in this track with tantalizing instrumentation, Sean Slick serves up a sequence of hard-hitting bars that flex his talents as a supreme emcee in his league.

Simmering in a pot of direct verses that effortlessly convey a tizzy of spellbinding tempos, the in-your-face delivery that is offered up by Sean Slick heavily weighs on the cognitive display of tenors received. As we sink into our seats and take in the reminiscent Hip-hop hues that the respected eras, and greats brought before us, we can’t help but feel like the innovative approach Sean Slick uses to tailor these wistful tones is unmatched.

“One More Minute” seeps into your mind and triggers nostalgia as the realism brought forth in the lyrical dexterity shed has you falling into this alluring composition. Playing into numerous components that construct the essence of “One More Minute,” Sean Slick drives home the irrefutable talents displayed as he continues to establish his name in a major way.

What inspired your witty verses that we hear on this record?

One More Minute was just a track about a woman who plays hard to get, it’s a catchy track, and the beat complements the verses well.

What was it like working with AO Baker in order to deliver your audience the memorable sound of this single?

AO is dope I known him for years, got great chemistry and he got the subject matter instantly it’s something very relatable for the listeners.

Could you please take us into what your creative process looked like when fashioning “One More Minute?"

Just a hyped studio session with two verses and I sent the track to AO he liked it and sent it back to me it was just a natural vibe

On your EP, ‘Rap Scene Menace 2,’ what inspired you to make this collection of songs a direct follow-up to the previous EP?

I wanted to make a Rap Scene Menace series as it was the first official project I dropped in 2017 and it was the 3 year anniversary, so it was one for my day 1 fans.

What can we expect to see next?

Look for it on April 2nd, 2021.


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