You're Not Prepared for the Latest Music Video for Jane N' The Jungle's Anticipated Single, "Animal"

Produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer and Engineer Chuck Alkazian, Jane N' The Jungle's single, "Animal" engrosses us in polished hard rock as the band bursts out of the seams with tenacious energy in this featurette. The video plunges us into an immersive performance of the band's anthem reminiscent single, "Animal". With strong references to the inner fight between the primal creatures we harbor inside us, Jane N' The Jungle reflects their distinctive sound through the untamed and heightened performances featured in this video.

Though minimal in the scenery, this heavy hitter of a track is complemented by a clean white background with black and white video effects that stand true to the vibe the song provokes as a whole. Members of the band energetically pounding their instruments trade-off in energy from one another as the camera rolls from one to another. As the song progresses and each member is highlighted amongst their tight specked and slick closeups, we can't help but feel compelled to headbang along with them. When the band arrives at the transitional summit of their cantor, the music video adapts accordingly. With blurring and overlapping effects, the music video conveys a distinct element of altered cognizance. As the final crescendos belt and the song finally arrive at its most compelling feature, Jordan is at her knees, ostensibly drained from the inebriating performance that has just transpired. With total certainty, we can tell that the two go hand in hand, video, and music, married harmoniously amongst tasteful editing and a genuinely rocking band.

Check out the video for "Animal" here.