“You Said” By Kass Pours Heart And Soul Into Every Aspect Of Music

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada is the gifted singer/songwriter Kass. It was Tupac, Nate Dogg, 50 Cent, and Akon to name a few that excited an adolescent Kass but he didn’t begin making music until he recorded an interlude for his older brother who was a member of a rap group, Rezurrect, in the mid-2000s. This experience would establish a life-long relationship with Kass and the mic. At age nine, Kass decided he would one day follow in his brother’s footsteps to have his own music crew. In 2017, Kass put forth his first major single “Drunk Textin” that took on a new and rejuvenated sound that would, later on, shape his career as an artist today. The single received over 100k plays on Spotify solidifying Kass’ music career. He followed this single with EP, “We Hours”, in 2018. This dreamy EP, riddled with Kass’ airy melody and distorted futuristic notes created by an unorthodox stutter-step cadence, spelled the story of ardent love. Kass refuses to be confined to one genre as he blurs the lines of pop and r&b with trap and dancehall influences. 

A new smooth R&B track from Kass is “You Said”. It’s a creative piece of musical excellence. Kass showcases his finely-calibrated vocal register and angelic tone. The track “You Said” talks about the ups and downs of love and loyalty. We love the emotive lyricism and heart-filled hook. Pulling from his wide variety of musical influences, Kass has a voice that’s seasoned well beyond his years. He pours his emotion into his lyrics and music. “You Said” is well-produced, brilliantly delivered and an overall dreamy R&B hit. We can’t wait to see what Kass drops next!

Check out “You Said” here and read more in our exclusive interview with Kass below!

Can you start by introducing yourself?

I’m an Ottawa, ON based artist who goes by Kass, my name comes from the first three letters ‘kas’ of my last name with an added ‘s’ which stands for songs.

How would you describe your sound and your approach to music?

Id say i have a smooth toned melodies with unorthodox stutter step cadences and in terms of my approach to music, it depends on the mood. I usually set the tone with the hook and follow that with a verse that fits

Can you tell us more about your song “You Said”? What does the release of this song represent for you?

“You Said” was about a female I was in a long term relationship with for sometime who decided to end things. She didn’t think I was ready to grow with her in the long run which scared her. And with my music taking up a lot of my time distance was evident. The release of the song really represents my anger towards her for leaving and that her leaving is fine because it would be easy for me to replace her. Also noting that the constant back and forth we were doing even after the break up needs to stop and she should move on.

(Also devoting a bar to my struggles of being an up and coming artist from an unknown city).

What lyric in the song would you say is the most personal? Why?

Id say when I said “think I need you, I just need you to move on” was the most personal line because I was hurt at the time and said what I said but didn’t mean it what so ever.

How does the songwriting and recording process compare to live performance for you?

It compares to a live show performance because i want to bring the same emotion out of the crowd like the song did for me when I was writing / recording it. I’d say it various on which one is harder than the other but I’d have to go with the writing process more because I’m entering a field that is uncomfortable and sad opposed to getting the crowd to match that feeling.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist through the end of 2019?

Really, just more recognition so I can grow my brand more as an artist and be heard by the masses.


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