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You Want It? He Got It! CSABA Releases A Summer Vibe!

CSABA is an independent artist hailing all the way from Edmonton, Canada. Not only is he an artist, but he’s also a producer who makes beats, records, and engineers vocals in his home studio. His vision is to take it as far as possible, and use music as a way to spread his message and help people feel a certain way, the same way other artists have done for him.

CSABA released his record titled “Got It” and the engrossing production is what instantly caught my interest! The beat was highly contextual and far different from other records you are so used to hearing nowadays. CSABA rap flow and style was incredibly idiosyncratic compared to other rappers typical lyrical arrangements. He spits in a rapidly increasing pace while maintaining effortless breath control, alongside delivering the aggression and energy in the articulation of his voice. “Got It” was a fantastic offering from a rising star who has every right niche in his style and artistry to stand apart from the crowd. From his meticulous producing, to his highly addictive style, CSABA doesn’t just stop with an audio hit. Instead, he gives his listener the ultimate visual with a dope music video to match the song! With a hit video and a hit record, How could CSABA go wrong? The energy is there, the lyrics are catchy, and the hook is habit-forming. It would be a surprise to hear somebody say they dislike this record knowing all the right ingredients is there!  “Got It” can get your party started or your cruising relaxable! Great music and great vibes is all we need this upcoming summer season and CSABA has definitely got it (pun definitely intended).

Check out "Got It" here, and keep scrolling for CSABA's interview with us at BuzzMusic!


Hello! It's great to chat with you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! Likewise. Well, I'm 22 and have been creating music consistently for 5 years, but the dabbling definitely started closer to around when I was 10. It's been a passion of mine and the goal is to reach as many people that I can with my music and hope it can affect at least a few people the same way it did me.

What does CSABA stand for?

Hahah, well Csaba is my legal name and I thought it was dope enough to be a stage name on it's own so I dropped my last name and capitalized it, like I do with opportunities *finger guns*

How is the music scene in Edmonton, Canada? How has this shaped your career in music?

It's good! There's definitely some talented locals like Conch, Doom Squad and Aidan Murphy. I've collaborated with a few locals and done a few shows here, it's a lot more poppin' than it used to be for sure. I do wish artists were more open and not put themselves on a pedestal though, I think some cats do that here.

Tell us about the single “Got It” and what the inspiration behind the song is!

To be honest, I was just playing with some sounds in FL Studio and put a little beat together in about 10 minutes.. I instantly freestyled the hook and layered it, then wrote the verses quickly, recorded, mixed it, mastered the next day and put it out for distribution. 

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Got It”?

There wasn't necessarily a challenge composing it, but as artists typically do, I had my thoughts of "is this dope enough?" "Is it too simple?" but that's the beauty of music and social media now. You can drop song after song n see what people like instantly and mix some of that in with the next few songs, but not forgetting to stay in your lane and finding a sound you as the artist likes.

What's next for you through 2019, CSABA?

Working on my brand/business, and be in everyone's face with music.


Connect with CSABA via the artists socials:


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