You Will Be In A Trance After Experiencing Slique’s New Album; 'Back To You'

Born and raised in New Jersey, R&B artist Slique has had a passion for music since the age of 5. Starting on the piano, Slique soon discovered that music was much more than a hobby to him. It’s clear to us thatSliquehas developed and improved his craft since his Debut E.P. release, “Before I Go.” Today, he brings us a full-length album that thrives on his distinct vocal style, harmonies, and diverse pool of emotions. Whether you’re looking for something to throw on your party playlist or a song to help you through a tough break-up, Slique’s album 'Back To You' has it all. Sounds of rain and thunder open us up to the first song off his album called “Cuban.” Instantly, we’re hit with a bass tone that weaves through notes and puts you into a trance. This song left us hypnotized, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. Grasping curiosity, Slique knew precisely how to draw in his listeners and introduce this project. The next track, “Drive Me Crazy” takes up it up a notch. It pulls you in a with a distorted, fuzzy hook that grooves perfectly with the drums. The energy in this song particularly stood out to us, along with the sharp texture that sits above everything in the production. This song will have you up and moving in no time. Transitioning into “Eye 2 Eye”, we’re caught off guard with teasers of the song in the intro. The spaces in between the lead synth had us anticipating the vocals. Slique’s relaxed performance was especially satisfying in the hook. We especially love the lyric, “we don’t see eye to eye” in this one. The next song, “Sweet,” opens with a string-like texture panning from one side to the other. Slique doesn’t hold back for a moment in this song, showing us his ability to rap quickly and with grace. The tempo is pushed even further and brings the energy back up once again. “Sweet” ends with the same string-like texture from the intro, and as it fades into silence, Slique leaves us wanting more, but what comes after will not disappoint you. “Ice Cold” undoubtedly captures a chillness not found on the rest of the album. Tripping us out with detuned melodies and a glitch-like sound, this is one of those songs you’ll want on to blast on full volume. The next track, “O.M.W.,” starts with a fast, staccato melody and features female dialogue. Ending on the line, “I love you” left us hanging but acts as a slick transition into the next song. In contrast to the rest of the album, “Been There Done That” slows us down for a few minutes. This song isn’t meant to get you moving, but instead showcases a more intimate side of Slique’s artistry. The romanticism in this song takes you away for a few minutes to a calmer place. Hushing all dynamics, Slique once again keeps us in the palm of his hand. Even while bringing stillness to the sequence, Slique shows his ability to adapt and deliver emotion through his performance no matter the circumstance. The next song, “Arguing Into Another Argument Interlude,” is something surely anyone can relate to. We felt this song spoke clearly about the hardships of a relationship and what it feels like to argue with a loved one constantly. Though Slique moves past the heaviness of the subject and takes a lighter spin on it. If there were one song to play at the club from this album, “Do Yo Thing” would be it. Slique lets loose and shows true potential through this song. The hook is perfect for anybody to sing along to and is immediately recognizable. This brings us into the last song, “Ain’t Over.” This track closes the album and takes us away with new percussion tones that have yet to be revealed. Ironically stating “this ain’t over” in the lyrics, we are reminded to wait for what comes next from Slique. Overall, the diversity of this album is what blew us away. There is something for everybody, and you’ll never find yourself bored. Slique captures so many styles and emotions in his new album 'Back To You,' and you won’t want to miss it.

Listen to Slique’s album 'Back To You' here.


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