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You Won’t Forget About Tiffany Johnson’s “Here’s to Forgetting You”

Tiffany Johnson is a singer-songwriter who blends country and pop genres with authentic lyrics that tell a story about her life. Tiffany Johnson found her passion and love for music at a young age and was motivated by her ability to capture a moment or a feeling in her music. She certainly captures many emotions in her new song “Here’s to Forgetting You,” a pop-style song with a hint of country.

“Here’s to Forgetting You" is sure to touch your heart and your dancing feet! Tiffany has an extraordinarily angelic voice that will catch your attention the moment you hear it. The instrumental includes a mellow drum beat and a relaxed instrumental which puts a spotlight on her vivacious voice. The lyrics embody wisdom that you wouldn’t expect from such a young artist, although it seems like she has had her fair share of heartbreak. Not only does the song describe the pain of heartbreak, but her maturity is clear when she highlights the importance of owning her mistakes and moving on. “Here’s to Forgetting You” is a song you will want to play on repeat, leaving you feeling empowered. “Here’s to Forgetting You," in combination with Tiffany’s vocals compare to the likes of Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini. Tiffany Johnson also released a new song titled “Selfish” on January 3rd, 2020. We look forward to hearing more from Tiffany in the future!

Listen to Tiffany Johnson here.



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