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You Won't Need a "Raincheck," With the Alluring Sounds of Antoine Christopher and Qdajuice

Antoine Christopher is well known for being a multi-faceted American producer, musician, rapper, singer, and engineer predominantly in Hip-hop, R&B, and Jazz. Commencing his artistic career as a child Jazz composer, he produced 11 Jazz albums from the age of 15 years old to 20 years old. Teaming up with multi-talented recording artist Qdajuice, Antoine Christopher takes his musical aptitudes and pairs them with the many different styles and dynamics that set Qdajuice apart from others.

Kicking off 2021 with the release of his six-track EP titled 'Black,' Antoine Christopher uses this moment to piece together the very best offerings from both himself and Qdajuice to have listeners swimming in various energies.

The fifth track offered up on 'Black' takes us into a sea of smooth execution in the mid-tempo vibrancy with our thoughts thoroughly provoked. "Raincheck" allows us to lay back and sit in the simmering elixir of the tantalizing hues in this bop. Washing over us in one fell swoop, we're exposed to a universe of comforting melodies that accompany swift cadences in heavy lyrical dexterity.

The buoyancy that both artists pursue in their delivery is remarkable as they feed off of each other's vivacity to execute the elusive sounds of "Raincheck seamlessly." It's a blessing that both artists are so well-rounded that they can provide listeners with a catered sound for every occasion. The inimitable quintessence of both Antoine Christopher and Qdajuice embody their kaleidoscope view into the world of musical delicacies.

Swaying through the motions of each rhyme scheme and harmony, this warm embrace carries forth the type of confidence that you could take in all day. "Raincheck" is the sonic progression that we need in the realm of Antoine Christopher and Qdajuice.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Antoine Christopher, and Qdajuice. We are fanatical with the sound that you two exude in, “Raincheck.” How did the collaboration between you both come to life?

Qdajuice & Antoine Christopher: Well first we would like to say thank you BuzzMusic for having us interview with you guys. We appreciate you for having us.

Antoine Christopher: Being introduced to this project was one of the best things for me this year. I’ve worked with Toine for years but not on a whole collaborative project. He mentioned the project to me and I was all for it but one night. It had to be around 2 AM and the morning when Toine sent the first beat. That song ended up being BLACK. I instantly was drawn in that night. I finished the verse in those same 24hrs. After I sent it back we just kept the ball rolling from there. Toine kept sending breathtaking beats

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like for this 6 track collaboration on the EP, 'Black?'

Qdajuice & Antoine Christopher: The Process was “A LOT” lol, but overall was an easy process. Working with each other was like Kobe & Shaq. With Toine sending crazy beats over consistently from his studio (The Arcade) it wasn’t hard to get a groove going instantly. We eventually got together and recorded the tracks at the arcade and the rest was history. All in all, it took a solid month to get the recording done.

What is the main message that you’re sending out to your listeners on, “Raincheck?"

Antoine Christopher: I feel the message I was presenting to the listener is to always remember to always focus on the most important things first. You know we all get distracted on focusing on things that we want but we need to focus on the things that we need.

Qdajuice: I think the message I was trying to present to the listener is, to be honest with your feelings. As an artist, it’s ok to embraces those vulnerable moments and expresses them through music. I think Toine and myself try to show that it’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve on this.

If you could each pick a favorite song from the EP, what would it be and why?

Antoine Christopher: I would say the into “Charity Case” and the reason why is because it’s very personal to me. My verse is based on a conversation I had with my mother.

Qdajuice: I would have to say my favorite song would have to be “BLACK” because i remember how I felt when I heard that beat for the first time. The feeling of recording the song all night was fun as hell. On a side of that “You Are” would have to be the song that means the most. It holds a special place in my heart because it was like writing a song to my daughter.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Antoine Christopher: I don’t want to be in the same place that I am now a year from now...or the year after that. So that’s what keeps me inspired

Qdajuice: I would say everything around me. I’m a father, brother, son, and friend to some very great people and I wouldn’t want to let them or myself down. This is all I do so I have to give it my all when it comes to making music. They believe in me and I believe in myself. That’s what keeps me going.


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