You Won't Want to Stop Listening to Betty Moon's Latest Hit "Don't Stop Now"

We were left charged and electrified after listening to Betty Moon's newest release, "Don't Stop Now." Electric guitars welcome you into the track as if they are you walking you down the Rock n' Roll's Hall of Fame's red carpet. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Betty Moon is creating ear-catching rock n' roll tracks that have been featured as backdrops to highly acclaimed shows such as Californication, Dexter, and The Walking Dead.

The ticking percussion is countered with a pounding reverberation on the kick drum that thuds so deeply you can feel it within your ribcage. "Don't Stop Now" entrances the listener with its celestial hooks, fearless lyrics, and charged rock n' roll soundscape. The reoccurring echoing of "Don't stop now," "You know I'm dead out of love," acts as a defibrillator, transmitting currents of electrified vocals through this catchy chorus. The rock-infused stance Betty Moon takes on "Don't Stop Now" is a testament to her diverse sound, unafraid in taking on genre fluidity. The layers of sound Betty Moon mingle on top of each other and twist together to create a spiraling-out universe of sound. Don't be afraid to turn up the volume on this hot track, and check out "Don't Stop Now" today.

Hello Betty Moon and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release charges out of the gate with electrified rock n' roll sounds. What feeling did you want to create for the listener on this latest track?

I wanted the listener to let go of anything holding them down at that moment. The riff gets you going and takes you on a journey from beginning to end. Even though the lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, it's really just a fun track to kick off the EP and set the tone of the other songs. People need to drop the petty stuff and get on with it. Over the last 10 years, you've been centered in LA creating music. In what ways have you continued to evolve your sound and how has LA lent to this evolution?

I think L.A. has always been a part of my soul since I was a teenager actually. It's been a dream of mine to move here full-time and finally achieved that about 10 years back. Being in the area has not only helped me professionally, but it's really just my ideal place to live and work. They say people are products of their environment, and being L.A. around its energy has really helped me keep the eye on the prize. Can you tell us a bit more about the meaning behind "Don't Stop Now?" It has an intense instrumental and vocal presence, where did the concept come from?

On a grand scale, I wanted to keep the song simple from a lyrical standpoint. The guitar really speaks for itself, and the message is to keep going, even though a relationship may have nearly cut you down to the core. Interpret it the way you like, but the song is really just about moving forward and pushing through the things in your way. On a more personal level, it's expressive of not stopping even though you're thoroughly exhausted.   You've certainly been busy creating new material, and with social distancing in place are there any new songs you're itching to play live?

I would love to play all 6 songs from the EP in-order live, they just flow so well together and have a different energy to create a cool dynamic. All 6 songs touch on a different aspect of my psyche. These songs also display the freedom that I hold to dabble in many musical genres easily. I have some songs off 'Hallucination' and 'Sound' I'm looking to play as well. I prefer to just play music live that is available to stream or that is on CD, so there's something for people to refer to before or after the show.  What can we anticipate to hear next from you, Betty Moon?

I'm working on a music video or two from 'Translucent' and have more songs I'm putting together for my next release. I've written and recorded more songs than I can keep track of, so for 2020 I'm assembling it all together, mixing, mastering, and prepping it to put into the world and universe. Thank you kindly for listening and supporting Betty Moon.