You Won't Want to Stop Listening to Betty Moon's Latest Hit "Don't Stop Now"

We were left charged and electrified after listening to Betty Moon's newest release, "Don't Stop Now." Electric guitars welcome you into the track as if they are you walking you down the Rock n' Roll's Hall of Fame's red carpet. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Betty Moon is creating ear-catching rock n' roll tracks that have been featured as backdrops to highly acclaimed shows such as Californication, Dexter, and The Walking Dead.

The ticking percussion is countered with a pounding reverberation on the kick drum that thuds so deeply you can feel it within your ribcage. "Don't Stop Now" entrances the listener with its celestial hooks, fearless lyrics, and charged rock n' roll soundscape. The reoccurring echoing of "Don't stop now," "You know I'm dead out of love," acts as a defibrillator, transmitting currents of electrified vocals through this catchy chorus. The rock-infused stance Betty Moon takes on "Don't Stop Now" is a testament to her diverse sound, unafraid in taking on genre fluidity. The layers of sound Betty Moon mingle on top of each other and twist together to create a spiraling-out universe of sound. Don't be afraid to turn up the volume on this hot track, and check out "Don't Stop Now" today.