Young and Blossoming Pop Artist Sydney Jaffe is Making Noise With Her Latest Release "Collection"

Sydney Jaffe has a definite balance present within her life as an artist. Currently finishing her education, Sydney combines her ultimate desire to succeed academically with her passion to develop artistically. As a prominent pop singer, she curates her sounds to make listeners feel sensational and jubilant, all while spreading an impactful message. And really, what message is more impactful than the experiences of someone's life? Sydney shares this intimate side to herself with the pop community and excels at creating quality lyricism and vocal performance. Sydney is going through one of the most influential stages in her life and shares her thoughts and feelings with her listening base. This very quality to Sydney is what makes her sound spirited and amicable. Her most recent release,"Collection", will captivate your senses and have you feeling sultry and smooth. 

The melody in "Collection" is completely sedative. Sydney is poised and whimsical with her lyrical outflow, which allows for that magical sounding pop rhythm. Her voice flutters throughout her vocal execution, and the dynamics present within that exact execution throughout the track are stunning. Sydney is able to show her powerful side, her angelic side, and her tenacious side all in one during the song. Picking the underlying melody of the track is crucial for artists -- it is what can either complement their vocals or override them. In Sydney's case, "Collection" was created methodically, and her sounding blends perfectly with the underlying beat. You can feel how resolute Sydney is within "Collection", and how inspiration pours off of her without effort. Sydney Jaffee is undoubtedly a determined pop artist, wanting to make an impact on her listeners through and through with her artistic creations. Sydney successfully did just this with "Collection", and we know she'll do it again with her next release!

Check out "Collection" by Sydney Jaffe here