Young Bail Rouses Moving Stories and Inspirational Instrumentals on Latest Release, "Truly Yours”

New Jersey native, Young Bail releases his new single “Truly Yours,'' across all streaming platforms and has already received an outward release of support due to his authentic musical nature. Beginning to write his own raps at the young age of 13, Young Bail has perfected his craft over the years.

Opening the album with a slow-moving rap single, “Truly Yours," Young Bail constructs emotional lyrics that touch on a timeless love with an individual they have lost. In combination with a consistent piano instrumental, this track is not only timeless but holds an edge with each rap.

Throughout this album, Young Bail partners with various artists in order to elevate his vocal performance. In slow-moving singles “Discretion” and “Better Dayz,” Young Bail contrasts the light, embracing vocals of Breana Marin, Dre Skuffs, Nyticka Hemingway respectively to his hardcore, wired rap verses.

As an individual who has created his own musical compositions since age 18, Young Bail has put out over 5 projects over the past 9 years in the industry, and although this project tops the rest, it is clear Young Bail continues to advance his musical ability with each new single, collaboration, and album release.

The third single on “Truly Yours” has an aspect of secrecy caution as each instrumental slowly grows to create insecurity. These uneasy pitches included in “Money” elect to advance Young Bails' raspy, dark voice as he raps of the effect of his new-found fame. Subsequent single “Blue” outputs those same feelings of caution and insecurity through a faster-moving means.

Moving into a more emotional type of music, Young Bails connects with listeners on a deeper, and slower level in tracks “Everytime” and “Same Thing.” These tracks offer more insight into Bails's inner feelings towards lovers, friends, and the industry.

Drawing this album to a close, single “Paranoid” is the perfect track to draw aspects of each single together. The background instrumentals provide listeners with a more positive musical style than they are used to hearing from Young Bail although he is examining the difficult emotions and obstacles he has overcome.

“Truly Yours” is the perfect rap album for listeners who want to experience the different emotions and aspects of this genre. With the combination of slow-moving instrumentals, to faster, more driven lyrics, Young Bail’s variety keeps individuals drawn in and engaged with each single.

We'd love to know what encouraged you to produce your new album 'Truly Yours' and did you have any specific inspirations while creating your album?

Well, being that I was dealing with a lot of personal loss in my life I had to get these thoughts and these feelings out so others out there that are dealing with the same issues can relate this was me being my most vulnerable most honest to date project definitely.

As a rap artist who has been in the industry for close to ten years do you have any other artists you look up to or draw inspiration from?

Yes, Jay-Z & 50 Cent I grew up in that era, other artists would be; The Lox, Ace Hood, Rick Ross, The Game, and many more, it’s so many to name but they all inspire me in different ways.

In your track “Better dayz” you were able to collaborate with artists Dre Skuffs, Nyticka Hemingway, can you walk us through what this project was like?

This Project Truly Yours was emotional as I was dealing with a lot of loss in my personal life but the record better Dayz was incredible Nyticka Hemingway is my cousin but she’s also someone who taught me this music industry and how everything works. As far as Dre Skuffs, he’s an amazing artist I’ve always appreciated his contributions to Hip Hop music so it was a no-brainer to get him on that song & he did his thing on it. Much respect to Skuffs and The entire Crux label family.

In your own words, how does each song on this album connect to one another?

Well, they all have a personal connection definitely I try to always come with a mixture though some songs are more emotional and personal, very thought out like "Truly Yours," or "Every Time," then some songs are more fun, maybe sexual like "discretion" or "same thing." Some songs have deep meanings to them like "Better Dayz" then some songs are just up in your face, hard-hitting like "Nuclear."

What are some next steps for you and how are you hoping to grow from your recent release?

Taking time to get better as an Artist on the music side, but on the business side, I also plan to take advantage of more media outlets so my blog presence can be strong. We are in an era now where people have to see you just as much, if not twice as much, sometimes more than the music, so yea that’s definitely a goal of mine.