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Young Gii Released “I Need To Smoke”

Young Gii is an artist who was born and raised in Nassau Bahamas in a neighborhood called Pinewood Gardens. He quickly fell in love with the world of Hip-Hop at the age of 17 when he moved to America with just the shirt off his back. He has used his struggles and life experiences as a catalyst to produce great music.

Young Gii released the single “I Need To Smoke” and this was an entire vibe. You may be familiar, or unfamiliar with the mesmerizing record, “La La” by the artist Naughty Boy, a hipped pop song, and one of my favorite tunes! Well what if we told you Young Gii used the melodies of this beat, and completely transformed this into an intriguing, and dope hip-hop record. Using the same melodic arrangement of “La La” in the beat, Young Gii adds his own artistry onto the song which turned out to be a laid-back tune, with an aggressive flow. You’re already feeling the vibe before the song transitions into an entire different beat. Something more dancehall, groovy, while remaining calm. These special transitions gave this song a more stand-out appeal for me as a listener. Young Gii is able to show how multi-faceted he is as an artist, opposed to sticking to the usual predicaments of a single. I loved this aspect of “I Need To Smoke”, and this could for sure hold its own on any popular vibe playlist you have at the moment! So why not discover a new dope artist who has what it takes to be a hitmaker!

Listen to "I Need To Smoke" here and get to know more about Young Gii below!

Hey, thank you for catching up with us! What would you like your new fans to know about you and your music?

I'm the creator of some of the best music you’ll ever consume. Make room on you top 5 artist list. 

Tell us the vibe in “I need to smoke”? What motivated you to write this hit?

A real chill cultural vibe. This song is for the stoners, but not your typical stoners. Inspired by bad woman and bomb weed. 

Are you looking to collaborate with other artists right now?

I’m eager to work with new talented, motivated artist who are dedicated to their craft. Those who will motivate me to go harder.

What is the major theme behind this song?

Luxury living with bad women and bomb weed. BWBW

What’s next for you?

Drop another video for a song off my latest EP 'GYAL TING'

- Continue promoting my EP 'GYAL TING' which release 5/6...(go check it out on all platforms)

-  Release new merch

-  Release my next project

- Lock in tour dates

- Launch more business ventures/partnerships

- Take my Label Illustrious Visions Music Group, LLC. to the top. The big labels don't want 'real talent' nowadays, so I signed myself. The sky is the limit.


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