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Young Hueston Moves You With His Soulful Voice In Latest Single “Down To My Grave”

American Artist “Young Hueston” is a classic artist in modern time. His music embodies the essence of emotion. It’s soulful, simplistic and nostalgic, showing vulnerability and art are tied together.

Young Hueston recently released his emotionally powerful and heart-rendering record titled “Down To My Grave”. The moment you hear the first note in this single you immediately feel something worthwhile. The melody from the acoustic guitar is just half of the sensation you receive from “Down To My Grave”. It’s the highly soulful and passionate delivery from a rich vocal texture that’s special to Young Hueston. If you think of the way John Legend naturally serenades a listener with his soulful vocal resonance and the way Adele projects powerful belts with full control electrifying her listener, the product result of this combination is a detailed artist named Young Hueston. The grit and rasp that’s apparent in his voice made for every belt in “Down To My Grave” felt twice as emotionally convicted than the previous. Each note struck us with intense passion and a fiery amount of romantic soul. You can tell when an artist writes something that comes from the heart, and Young Hueston did exactly that. “Down To My Grave” was everything and more.

Listen to "Down To My Grave" here.

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