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Young Hueston Releases A Stunning New Single “This Love”

Young Hueston is an artist who embodies the essence of emotion in his music. His soulful, nostalgic and simplistic approach is something you can’t help but love. All the way from South Florida, he’s a classic artist in a modern time. He released his single titled “This Love” and the minute you hear the first note you instantly feel something. “This Love” did more than touch me, it impacted my entire mood. The gorgeous record begins with a melodic piano introduction before Young Hueston strikes you with his captivating vocal tone that reminds me of an interesting fused mix of John Legend and Sam Smith.

“This Love” draws you in with its highly heart-rendering conviction. The soul-stirring approach and passionate vocal delivery especially around the chorus creates an augmented and dramatic effect on your aura.

The lyrics are beautiful as well. “I run far from this love”, the hook sings. This is the perfect break-up song to cry too, or to simply reflect on your current state of emotions. What I interpreted from listening to “This Love” is that it discusses the sinking relationship between two people. Person A is obviously in love with Person B however they feel as if Person B isn’t keeping it all the way real with them. Person A feels as if Person B is potentially hiding their true feelings and is acting a certain way which is causing Person A to overthink and becomes wrapped around in his negative thoughts and emotions, causing him to want to run away from the love.

“This Love” is so poetically romantic and lyrically contextual that there could possibly be more than one meaning to the song. Nonetheless, Young Hueston gave us a beautiful ballad that showcases his strong soulful presence and theatrical ability to convey emotion. Young Hueston’s music shows vulnerability and art are tied together. It’s a treat to the ears and a gift to the soul.

Listen to “This Love” here and get to know Young Hueston in our interview below!

Where did the stage name “Young Hueston” come from?

My grandmother’s maiden name was Young and my last name is Hueston. I was very close to my grandmother before she died. So I wrote it down and really liked the way it felt. Like my music, when something feels good I go with it.

What inspired you to write “This Love”? From your artist standpoint, what’s the song about?

“This love” is about a toxic relationship and codependency. It sheds light on how your mind can trick you into thinking something really unhealthy is actually love.

Have you had a chance to create a music video to this single yet? If not are you planning on it?

No I haven’t yet. Definitely something I want to do. This is the first song I’ve released, and I definitely want to put out more music before I create any videos.

What emotion were you aiming for your listeners to feel while listening to “This Love"?

I want them to feel like they can relate. The great thing about music and art is that it’s abstract in the way it hits you, and open to interpretation.

What's next for you?

I’m releasing a new song April 16th called “Tidal Wave” and lots more to follow in 2019, so stay tuned.


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