Young John Q Doesn't Let Up in Power-Packed Single "Ahhh"

Canadian artist Young John Q is here to display his heavy-hitting artistic persona in his latest single, "Ahhh". The artist hails from Toronto, Ontario, and has already kickstarted his career with a growing listening base. Always driven to create deeply heightened and powerful music, Young John Q is consistently synthesizing new music that attributes to the current times. Collaboration is one of Young John Q's strengths, but with his solo performance in "Ahhh", we get to see a more focused side of his artistry.  

"Ahhh" begins with a fast-paced beat that immediately houses this intense kind of thrill. Young John Q never waivers with the fervor he packed into "Ahhh". He keeps up with the driven record, using his natural flow and energy to propel the magnitude of the track. It's easy to pick up on the various properties of the soundscape of the track, and the blend that was strategically constructed in order to bring the eccentrics of it. You'll catch yourself picking up on some diversified cadences, which only help to keep the rapid beat afloat. The delivery of each verse in "Ahhh" has a purpose, and Young John Q doesn't let it go unnoticed. "Ahhh" gives listeners that non-stop, authentically produced stamina from Young John Q, which leaves us anticipating the next performance this artist will manufacture. 

Listen to Young John Q's latest single, "Ahhh", here

Hey there, Young John Q! How are you feeling about the recent release of "Ahhh", and all of the attention its garnered thus far?! 

I'm feeling really good, the streets are rockin' wit it, Im bringing the energy that is needed. Due to the current coronavirus situation wherein right now have people staying home, so when you listen to "ahhh" its most definitely gonna make you feel like your outside. So everybody go run those streams up on every platform, and I thank everyone for tuning in so far.

What was the exact kind of atmosphere and appeal you wanted to add to "Ahhh" in order to attract more listening ears? Was there any inspiration you infused into this track that you felt accentuated its meaning and overall vibe?

I wanted to bring people into my world of the streets, and bring energy through my lyrics and flow. Also, bring energy through the production which bozey & Lozart blessed me with. Soon as you listen to it, it will bring you in a day in the life with me, in my neck of the woods. The direction of the song wasn't planned, I just heard the beat and spazzed out on steroids on the beat. This turnt up street anthem was the result of it, the energy attracts the ear instantly

As a Toronto native, how do you feel that the current music scene there is helping the way you write and record music yourself? Do you see yourself building your musical career in Toronto? 

I see myself building a music career worldwide, I wanna bring everybody into my world. I don't think the music scene in the 6ix effects my writing and recording. It's more so what myself and other people go through on a day to day basis, street life situations that go on in sauga city as well as Toronto sparks the pen and brought into the music. Toronto artist are winning right now, and I just wanna put out good music keep the wave goin' 

What are some steps you've put in place for yourself and your musical career?! Are there any big moves listeners can expect to see next from Young John Q?! 

Some labels have been in my DM's, but nothing set in stone. But big things are definitely coming my way, and when the time comes, the listeners and the fans will know. But everyone just stay tuned, keep supporting, I'm about to change the weather

What can we expect to see from you next?

More music, more videos and new creative ways to get people to the music. So keep supporting and watch Don Don change the weather before your eyes!!