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Young Pascal Wants You to Not Get Lost in the "City Lights"

Hailing from one of the most isolated cities globally, Perth, Australia, not many have a style and cadence as unique as Young Pascal within the city. The up-and-coming artist is widely known for his energetic live performances, having performed at sold-out events around Perth, showcasing his talent alongside the biggest names in the city, and steadily growing an army of fans.

Young Pascal’s music speaks for itself. With Influences from this generation’s rhythmic Hip-hop movement, and years spent developing his craft, Young Pascal boasts a fusion of conscious lyricism and catchy melodies laid over carefully selected trap instrumentals.

Releasing his fifth single to date, we get to take in the cognizant vibes flooding from “City Lights (feat. Kid Rey and Perry P).” Conjuring up melancholic hues found in the instrumentation, the production elements amalgamate to produce a modern wave of emotion that looms over us as we get lost in the music foundation.

Fully engaged by the melodic timbres that are professed by Young Pascal, the alluring primitiveness of his lyrical motifs have us admiring the dark undertones of an alluring story unfolding. Playing upon losing one’s self to chase momentary happiness, the almost ethereal backing ad-libs create the significant ambiance that emphasizes this narrative to reach its full potential.

The songs featured artists Kid Rey and Perry P match the energy projected by Young Pascal and incorporate an exclusive dynamism that gives “City Lights” a textured dimension. Clasping onto the Rareluv and Akuyaku’s crisp guitar riffs and mesmerizing 808’s this musical framework does the lyrical techniques of Young Pascal, Kid Rey, and Perry P justice.

Transporting us through the picturesque wording that carefully sits upon the pulsating foundation, the creation that is “City Lights” shines brightly in our eyes.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young Pascal. We love the story that you reiterate to your audience in "City Lights." With such a profound concept, was there a moment or story that inspired the creation of this record?

"City Lights" is all about getting lost in the sauce of it all. You know, the bright shiny objects/feelings are so temporary to get that quick happiness shot. More and more people get sucked into materialism, clout chasing, their social media follower count, and so on. And they use this to tell themselves they are worthy. I guess I was at that part of my life where I saw and thought about this concept more and more, so I decided to explore the idea and did what any artist does, get in the booth and record!

How did the collaboration between yourself, Kid Rey, and Perry P come to be? What was it like working with one another to further propel your vision?

The song has a somewhat stripped-back and darker atmosphere, especially with the beat that Rareluv and Akuyako made, and I felt that Kid Rey and Perry P were the perfect features on this one because they bring in their flavor within the vision I had for this single. You can feel this as you make your way through the record.

What do you hope resonates with them the most in terms of themes or messages that your audience can take away from this song?

I think that this song, and others in my catalog, have something for a few different types of listeners. I always want to create something melodic and catchy but will always try to build different layers that a listener can unravel. For the case of "City Lights," it's the meaning behind the lyrics, but I've told of a couple of different standouts.

How does this track compare to other songs that you've released in your music catalog?

This track is just a part of the journey, in my opinion. I'll always make music that is organic to me and true to myself, and so I think people will see differences and hopefully go through the motions with me as I gear up to release more and more music over the next year. I don't want to have a cap on what I can do, so I feel like each release will have its versatility.


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