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Young Prodigy Rapper Released His Single “Long Gone, Pt. 2”

All the way from El Paso, Texas comes 17 year old rapper 7amthugger who knows how to deliver a banging hit that can be played at every kickback, car ride, and party! He started making music 5 years prior to the release of his new single “Long Gone, Pt. 2” and has come a long way ever since. Everything about 7amthugger just screams individuality. From his unique and exquisite rap style, trendy but atypical beat, and contextual stage name, 7amthugger is an artist we can’t compare to anyone that’s currently out in the hip-hop industry simply because there is no absolute comparison! “Long Gone, Pt. 2” is a consistent song. The energy throughout the song stays unchanging and unwavering. There’s no sign of inconsistency from his flow to his delivery, he keeps the momentum up and going. Weaving witty bars between the exclusive bass that we all love on our rap records, 7amthuggar showcases his charisma as an artist. It’s great that he’s 17 years old with this amount of professionalism and skills. He can potentially have a flourishing and prosperous career filled with longevity and nonstop hit records like “Long Gone, Pt 2.”

Don't miss out on 7amthugger's "Long Gone, Pt 2" and listen on Spotify!


What made you come up with the name 7amthugger? Any inspiration behind it?

7 has always been my favorite number and I came up to 7am and thought it went hard, but to throw more into the name I added thugger.

How did you start your career in music?

I've always been into music and the lifestyle inspired me to pursue it.

Who are some of your musical influences that have impacted your music?

I'm more of the new generation of rap and growing up i found out about Speaker Knockerz and Lil Uzi Vert. They eventually blew up which inspired me more.

How is this release different for you?

I lost my grandpa recently and it had a huge impact on me, this wasn't like any of my other sad song because this one had more of a meaning to it.

What can our readers anticipate from you in the near future?

That the name 7amthugger will make its way to popular medias throughout 2019 and look expect me to go big.


Catch up on the latest with 7amthugger through the artist's social media:


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