Young Tez and Lyndon Laveaux Lay down Ominous-Sounding Sensuality on Hip-Hop cut, "Moonlight"

The prolific German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down." This is the ethos that Lyndon Laveaux—the Miami born Emcee—obtains his creative personality from; how his words have extraordinary power. With a career jam-packed by features and collaborations, the budding artist finds inspiration from his mentors as they encourage the new age prospect simmer in the creative intuitions that call to him from the ominous depths of his cryptic subconscious, and to always aim for the jugular. This year, the intoxicating Emcee shines a light into the vast darkness of his Hip-Hop reflecting profound musical depths, and out "Moonlight," a gem that shimmers with the supporting verses of Young Tez.

"Moonlight," lands with a minimalistic production that serves to give this cut enough space to swell and simmer over Lyndon's ambiguous whispering voices. The leading hook featured here is confessed to us through a mantra-like chant that cleverly explicates with detail how he handles sensuality, and the propensity with which his tongue moves: found in lines like, "eat your cat all night, call your boy Bruce Wayne," or "tongue game on serious, Eddie Murphy delirious, she calls her friend bi-curious." When Young Tez handles the mic for his verse, he leads on with a more impertinent, and standoff-like flow. His vindications are much to the same vein as his predecessor's. Still, it excels in providing fascinating diversity and dynamics to the whole production, while the scattering sixteenth-note steadies the measure over a crisp hi-hat. This cut's notoriety comes from the ingenious Dade County-raised lyricist's wordplay and how slick they land; always presenting audacious and shocking, while remaining adhesive amidst its promiscuously smooth lines and devilish cantors.

Hey Lyndon and Tez, it's great sitting down with you both here at BuzzMusic. What were your main inspirations behind this track's provocative nature, and some of its dark textures featured over your vocals, Young Tez?

Young Tez: I just fed off of my bro Lyndon vibe. He took'em to the boom boom room and I just kept that same energy.

What's been the best part about working with  Lyndon Laveaux, and why did you think he would be the perfect backup for you over Moonlight?

Young Tez: Honestly I give all the credit to Lyndon for this track. I wanted to work with Lyndon because that's the bro period. He's solid, period. I sent him a beat I got from my Colombian connect (producer) Cuz Zaid & told him let's create. He sent me a finished song with a verse open for me & that was a wrap. Funny how I sent him a song to feature on and he took the whole song lol, but that's bro so it's all good. 

How are you fueling your creative intuitions day by day?

Lydon: Well my peers help immensely, for example, Tez's recent solo records/music video has been amazing, and when I see an MC at his caliber delivering at the rate he is, it motivates me, it's inspiring to have someone so talented see me as his peer/family in this game. He is also a phenomenal director, cinematographer, and director, truly a jack of all trades and master of all of them.  Folks like Dooley Sheen, YUNGCHASE215, Fsb Rico, Prince Yosef, Keem, The Track Burnaz (Ruben Raymond has been inspiring me since we were kids), Disanti (who's been in the trenches with me since college), Ray Mitchell. Silver Screens, Nathan, Abigail, Nathan Bankston, Curfew, Johnny Leggz, Trpl Z, Realzz, Rybe, Faith, Rocki, Rob Markman, Robin Taylor, Frego The Punk Rock God, Aspene (who is a superb musician who just went on tour with The Jonas Brothers prior to the pandemic) those mentioned are those intimately close to my circle and those who are 6 degrees from it, but all of them motivate me in their own way, each of them is severely gifted in their craft, they also continue to grow. In addition, I love seeing vets such as Jay Z, Jadakiss, Eminem, and many more who still rap, like it's their first album, that gives me, chills that just for the sake of loving the craft, they still put in the work when these elites truly have nothing to prove. It's a reminder that you never stop learning and elevating. What goes on in the world also is a reminder to just make sure every breath counts, I don't intend to waste not a one.

If you could list two distinguishing milestones you've been aiming to surpass this year in your musical career, what would they be?

Lyndon: Trusting myself as an artist in decision making. From the beats I use to the cadence/rhyme signature of the song, to the artists I curate on records, also if Disanti and I could reach 100K on Ay Papi on Spotify by the end of the year that would be magnificent, we are currently over 60K, so all of you keep streaming!!!

What has been keeping you both inspired throughout 2020?

Lyndon: Well again I gotta say my peers, the world, seeing the injustices of the world, the pandemic, those inescapable moments remind me, you can't take this journey we call life for granted. I personally have buried more than my share of people including my little brother David and my older brother Evints, those two stick with me like a tattoo, my mother although very much thank God alive has been a factor in my motivation, I get my hustle, my grind, all my best qualities from my mother. The growing pains of 2020 helped me reevaluate what's important to me, take notice of the man I want to be,  yearn for a certain quality of life/individuals in my circle if you ain't about growth, then truly I don't want you around, we are saying no to energy vampires and yes to elevation. The members of Not Another Theatre Company, my theatre group put together by the talented Lacy Blake-Vetter are full of creative geniuses, I'm blessed to be in their graces. 

Young Tez: My inspiration came from time lost. If you know you know. Once I was freed from my situation(not prison) and my mind was right, that's all it took. Never missed a step!