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Youngb Released Relatable & High Energy Track "No Lies"!

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Youngb is a rising hip hop/rap artist, bringing some serious energy to his beats. On his way to making almost 1,000,000 streams with his music, Youngb has already begun making serious waves within the Hip/Hop scene, and we're here for his ultimate success! Youngb has integrated himself within the music world only three years ago with his first release, and already is putting out more quality music that listeners can relate to on a deeper level. Our attention was ultimately held by Youngb's music once we felt the surging energy within his production. Every track he puts out has that undeniable catchiness to it, which makes us want to have the track on replay! Youngb's latest track, "No Lie", further contains that hyped-up vibe that can't be beat!

"No Lie" is extremely catchy, and even saying that is an understatement! Youngb is incomparable to other sounds we've heard--he brings that familiar rap production, but the vocal delivery is filled with various elements, we're taken aback by such a delivery! "No Lie" is a song where Youngb is reminiscing about past love and pours his emotions into the track (emotions we can all, at some point, relate to completely). Youngb curates that all-loving rap track we're comfortable with, the type of relationship track we're used to hearing, but then elevates it with the projected mood and ambiance. Youngb ensures that his music still captures an essence of allurement, combined with an easy flow. Our ears will be peeled for what's next up with Youngb's music!

Listen to "No Lie" here, and check out Youngb's interview below!

Hey Youngb! How has the music world been treating you thus far, since you debuted around three years ago?!

The music has been treating me amazing. It has changed my life ever since I first released "Reminiscing". It's made people treat me different and I've had people tell me my music has inspired them in so many ways and that is a great feeling when you pour everything you have into this music.

"No Lie" was catchy, it was relatable, and it was seriously hyped up. What kind of energy did you want to pour into your listeners with this particular track?

I wanted something people could hear and relate too but also have a good vibe to it. When you've been in a relationship that has been nothing but lies, cheating, etc. and nothing changes you eventually get fed up about it and leave. This is the song you'd listen to as you're leaving.

How long did the entire songwriting/recording process take for "No Lie"? What're you more comfortable with, the writing process, or the recording process?

The songwriting part for No Lie came easy but I take my time with the process because I enjoy it so much. The recording process took longer because my engineer Willy Franko is one of the best engineers in Charlotte, North Carolina (If not the BEST) and he wants the song to be as perfect as I want it to be. I'm honestly comfortable with both the writing and recording process, I love them both but if I had to choose I would say the recording process just because you get to let out all of your emotions.

What kind of steps do you take to make sure you're being as honest as you can within your music, and ultimately to your listeners?

To me, there aren't any steps to being honest in music. I write everything I make so, therefore, I just speak my mind, heart, & soul. For me, my music is just therapy and for releasing emotion. To my listeners I want it to be an inspiration, something they can connect to and not feel alone in certain situations in life.

It was amazing being able to showcase "No Lie" here to our BuzzMusic readers! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic community? Any new tracks in the making?

I truly appreciate you guys giving artists the opportunity to be able to have the BuzzMusic platform to use. I have a new music video dropping very soon that is to an unreleased song.


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