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Yung Ballah releases A Vulnerable Hit “What If”

From Vancouver, Yung Ballah is an artist who always had a passion for music but never thought he’d start making it. He began writing when he lost the love of his life and had to find a way to release emotions. He saw his future as selling drugs prior to him discovering his love for writing and music. Every song Yung Ballah writes tells a story and doesn’t shy away from being authentic.

Yung Ballah displays the raw authenticity in his single “What If” and it was refreshing to see. Many rappers seem to rap about things they’ve never experienced or know absolutely nothing about, however Yung Ballah shy’d completely away from that element of fakeness and decided to produce a rap about something he’s familiar with and that’s the personal life story of his journey. “What If” felt as if he was writing in his personal diary and allowed his listener to take a peep of it. It was completely special and helped us look at Yung Ballah in a whole new light that was completely absorb-able. Yung Ballah vents to his listener through “What If”, but also opens the doorway for the listener to embark on the mentality and thoughts of his mind. The whole aesthetic of “What If” was a soothing vibe with a melodic beat. “What if i never sold drugs as a kid” really stood out to us the most because it’s a complete vulnerable reflection on how Yung Ballah felt growing up. This heart-rending song touches you, and you find yourself connecting with the artist.

Listen to "What If" here and get to know more about Yung Ballah below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Well where do I start, I'm 18 years old and from vancouver bc, iv been writing music for about a year now and it all started when I had to find some way to vent my emotion that I had building up. Iv never been good with showing emotion whether that be happieness or sadness, When I wrote for the first time it was like bliss being able to channel my emotion out especially with the situation I was going through. I have a very versatile sound because of the way I use my emotion to write, days when im feeling great I'll try to make up lifting, up beat songs and when in feeling down I'll make slower more vibey songs.

Tell us about “What If”! What's the meaning behind it?

What If was a passionate peice of mine, everyday I always have these questions bouncing around my head wondering what could my life have been if I changed this or did that or stopped myself from doing this. I feel like we all question ourself everyday whether it be a small thing or if you get lost I'm your head and i just wanted to make something that people can connect to. Maybe raise somone spirits a bit by being able to put their thoughts into sound.

How is "What If" different than songs you've released in the past?

I'm not sure how to specify it's different from my other songs it speaks for itself, all my songs tell a story and it's just another story out into words.

What do you hope new listeners get out of your music?

I hope anyone that listens to my music can just connect with it ina way, I want my music to be able to just put people in a good mood. I find with music i like, it's always something that would make me happy while listening to it and I just want to shed some happieness i guess

What’s next for you?

I'm not sure what's next for me, do any of us really know what's next? I'm just hoping i can connect to some good people, get my name out there a little bit and keep trying to improve and expand everyday. Everyday is a new challange but everyday is how you make it.


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