Yung Ballah Takes a Theoretical Approach to Music

Yung Ballah, all the way from Vancouver, Canada, feels blessed to be where he's at in his career. As a rap artist, Yung Ballah has been in the music scene for just over a year now. The desire to begin a relationship with music stemmed from personal hardships occurring in the life of Yung Ballah. These hardships inevitably stimulated Yung Ballah's interest to communicate such feelings to his listeners. However, the outlook they have on life has helped them get through the emotions.

Yung Ballah says:

“The way I see it though never dwell on your emotions, turn them into something productive and that you can use to help you grow as a person. You gotta stay positive to see positive things happen, if you think negative the same will happen in turn, always keep your head up no matter the situation.

Yung Ballah aims to educate this philosophy to as many people as possible, especially in their music. We believe an artist’s music is much more meaningful and promising when it comes from a place of sincerity and pure intentions. When an artist speaks from an authentic place, their thoughts and feelings get expressed in the best way possible. The lyrics are not only more meaningful, but the music as a whole is much more captivating. Yung Ballah knows how to cultivate their listener with this unguarded yet philosophical approach to music. Yung Ballah's most recent single "Bottle O' Ciroc" captures the surging energy Yung Ballah is all about. It's the type of track that will 100% amplify your current playlist. Discover today!

Listen to Yung Ballah's recent soundings here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yung Ballah! How is it growing up in Vancouver? In what ways are you influenced by your environment musically?

I love it growing up here, I feel so blessed to be born where I am. Sure I didn't grow up in the nicest neighborhood compared to the city but I still feel blessed every day to be here.

I find that when I'm in the big city I feel so much more at home and it really inspires me to make music, going to the waterfront and looking at the beautiful view then heading to a lavish club and finishing off the night with talking to great people you just met all within a few block radius. This place is amazing I'll leave it at that.

What was the inspiration you had behind the record “Fucked Up”?

well, my ex was the inspiration for that like many of my other tracks, I don't know why but even after about 2 years I'm still stuck thinking bout her almost daily. It sucks but iv learned to make my emotions into something great :)

How would you describe the songwriting approach towards “Bottle O Ciroc”?

See now Bottle O' Ciroc was a lyrical MASTERPIECE. Nah, I was just really bored one day and was talking to this chick, couldn't figure out anything to write about n she said: "what are you doing?" My response was chilling bored as fuck with a bottle of Ciroc and the song was born with the rest of the events of the night.

Which song between “Fucked Up” and “Bottle O Ciroc” do you feel was more challenging to create and why?

Definitely f*cked up, I can handle getting in my feels to write music now but sometimes it gets hard, it is nice to finish a piece though and hear my emotions and situation in a way that I can understand and that doesn't get all jumbled up in my head.

Can you detail us the production in “Bottle O Ciroc”?

not honestly sure what you mean by detail production, guess I can shout out my boy that been engineering all my tracks and making them sound legit. He the reason this shtick really starting to happen n I can't thank him enough for it, check out @seblarivee for some hella dope mixes at a great price.