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Yung Rizzo Released The Dynamic Hit “Game Over”

Yung Rizzo is a Filipino-American artist who was born and raised in San Jose, California. A diverse artist would be the best word to describe him, as he’s used to showing versatility throughout his music. Yung Rizzo’s style can be described as a hybrid of pop and hip-hop.

Yung Rizzo released his single titled “Game Over” and get ready to hop on the dance floor and move! This electrifying record is sure to have your energy exhilarated, and mood grooving. What’s super cool about “Game Over” was how the introduction felt like a classic “video game tune” while showing elements of current dance pop. the flow and delivery were fun, charismatic, and vibrant, exuding a sense of joy across the listener. Yung Rizzo fuses the elements of pop and hip-hop, effortlessly. The way he intertwines both genres in “Game Over” was super radical and dope to hear! Yung Rizzo isn’t like your typical artist. A stylistic and multi-faceted individual, Yung Rizzo knows how to stand apart from the crowd! The hook in “Game Over” was so addicting, it had me repeating the tune, melody, and lyrics over and over again! The production of “Game Over” correctly represented the title of the song, adding a nice metaphorical dimension to the bright record. “Game Over” is a danceable tune, many people would love, digestible for all ages and lovers of music!

Listen to "Game Over" here and get to know more about Yung Rizzo below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yung Rizzo! How has the journey been so far creating music?

The creation of music is art. I always have fun and I appreciate the way music helps others express the way they feel inside. You can find the right song for every situation, emotion, and feeling. My music is influenced by life. It’s nice to see my music evolve and captured through this expression. As far as the journey, I’ve accomplished milestones and is definitely a learning experience but always looking ahead for the next achievement.

Tell us about your single “Game over”, what was the major theme you were aiming for?

My friends and I were in the studio and just having fun, playing with the instruments, then before you know it, I put a 16 on it, and the rest was history. It turned out to be a fun hit for people worldwide. It also has a video game vibe to it. The beat and lyrics gave the younger generations and gamers attention due to understanding that life can be a game. It was featured on official Spotify playlists and televised networks in the Philippines such as GMA.

How does “Game Over” differentiate itself from your previous releases?

Game Over is more of a “throw your worries away” song and just have fun with it. Life’s a game and you go through a lot of obstacles, then before you know it its always game over. Definitely more of an upbeat tone. Combination of melody and lyrics definitely sets the tone for fun. A song you can easily vibe and dace to.

How do you plan on elevating your sound through your future releases!?

I am going to continue to make music through life experiences and help others get through days with my stories. I am versatile, so hoping that my music connects with everyone. I make music based off feeling and just getting into the production. I’ve elevated a lot just through my career in just the process of creation which made music connected by relation. I mean, who knows? I might be singing on the next song, lol.

What’s next for you Yung Rizzo?

I have a couple projects in the works that feature music I’ve worked on in the past years and never got to it. Everything seems to be going well, so it could be another conscious EP like “Mindset” or a fun single or EP sound like “Game Over”. Let’s just say “Great Minds” think alike, only way to find out is if you stay tuned. I appreciate everyone’s love and support and I hope that you all continue to follow me on this journey.


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