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Yung Rogue Expands on the Tragic Effects of “Betrayal,” on New Single

The Brooklyn-based r&b/pop artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and musician Yung Rogue melts our speakers with a deeply emotional single entitled "Betrayal."

Creating music for those who feel misunderstood, Yung Rogue prides herself on her artistic versatility thanks to influences like Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, XXXTENTACION, Evanescense, H.E.R., and many more. The young engineer/producer is able to defy the norms of r&b/pop with help from her mastery of bass guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and more.

As we expand on her most recent release, "Betrayal," Yung Rogue made the experience all the more memorable with her honest and emotional lyrics complemented by her smooth and heart-wrenching sonics. While singing a sad yet relatable tale of disappointment, heartbreak, and deceit, Yung Rogue invites any listener to mend their heart and soul with help from this chilling single.

Taking a deeper listen to "Betrayal," the song gently yet intensely opens with a downtempo drum arrangement and a fluid bass-like synth that cascades over our speakers with immense soul and introspection. As Yung Rogue makes her sweet and low vocal appearance, she begins to elaborate on the entire experience of betrayal, not just from a lover but a best friend.

We can't help but close our eyes and nod our heads to Yung Rogue's soulful and heartfelt performance, as anyone is able to relish in the tender emotion and vulnerability that she so gracefully has to offer. As she leads us towards the haunting and chilling outro, Yung Rogue closes the song on a profound note of reflection that encourages listeners to look before they fall in love or simply into a friendship.

If you're looking for a relatable single to mend your mind, body, and soul, look no further, as Yung Rogue's "Betrayal" will do just the trick. Find "Betrayal" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yung Rogue, what a beautiful and heart-wrenching single you've released with "Betrayal." What compelled or pushed you to create this emotion-evoking single?

Thank You! I definitely appreciate that, this song came from one of my therapy sessions actually…Mental Health and healing are so important to me, as far as understanding my feelings and why I feel that way, and in my session, we discussed how I felt about walking away from a friendship I thought that I HAD to stay in. We often overlook that friends can break hearts too, and sometimes we gaslight ourselves thinking that because we’ve been friends with someone for years we’re obligated to stay no matter what. But, sometimes you have to choose yourself over everything.

Did you create the dense production for "Betrayal?" Why did you want to capture this moody, compact, and intense sonic atmosphere?

Yes, I created the production, initially it was faster, but I decided to slow the tempo down to create a story, to feel the mood of the lyrics, and even trigger my audience to think about it, in the sense that you are not obligated to stay in any -ship that drains your energy.

We highly appreciate your vulnerability in terms of your lyrics within "Betrayal." What was your songwriting process like? Was it difficult for you to open your heart and mind for the public to listen?

Some of the greatest pieces come from emotional situations, and I always want to stay true to my whole reason for being an artist, making music from personal experiences in the hopes that someone that might be listening will get that feeling of being understood. Vulnerability, I learned, isn’t a weakness, it’s actually one of the strongest tools we have. Knowing that you’re sharing this delicate part of you and understanding that some will love it and others won’t but be transparent anyway… that’s real. And people need that! The writing was a bit difficult this time, I rewrote this song about 3 times, lol I didn’t want to get TOO personal, and I didn’t want it to be general so I took bits and pieces of the different versions and put them together. It was therapeutic because I felt like I needed to release that part of me, and it was emotional as well, reliving those specific moments to try to convey the emotion as close to the real events as possible.

When creating the entire sonic atmosphere and lyrical content for "Betrayal," did you have any artistic influences in mind? Did any exterior musical influences help inspire the sound and feel of this single?

I rarely listen to the radio because it’s way too many commercials but one day I was driving home and I wanted to hear something different than putting my phone on shuffle, so I put the radio on and Lil Tjay ‘s “Calling My Phone” came on and I instantly connected with the vibe, the lyrics, the emotions. I got home and I couldn’t get the melody out of my head, so I’m like hey, let’s see if I can create something similar and the production just came together in my head. Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something different so I went with it and I’m really excited and happy with the way the song came out.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on my next EP, I’ve been doing a lot of self-actualization and I want the totality of my next project to showcase me as a person, and not just specific events that have happened in my personal life. YungRogue is happy too! Lol, it’s gonna be fun, vibey, and just a different perspective for me. I’m excited to share that side of me with the world too.

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