Yung Surf God Is Back Again With Another Banger “Loot” ft. Bilda Boy

Tevin Charles, better known for his professional name Surf God, is a 24-year-old artist out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started taking rap seriously about two years ago and is a member of the 5-piece emerging rap group “86”. With a passion for art, Surf God has his heart set on becoming an art director/coordinator one day. He wants to help connect humans together through the arts, whether its music, dance, film, or photography, etc.  Inspired by artists such as Eazy E, Biggie Smalls, and Lil Wayne, Surf God's music is ever-changing and adapts on a day to day basis. His new single “Loot” ft Bilda Boy is out now and available on all major streaming platforms! 

Loot” is an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. Surf God drives with a simple lust for life, catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism, and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements Surf God’s sound and approach as an artist. While that initial quirk of the concept and the hook are the first things to grab you, the song actually goes on to lead with a notably energizing beat. The heavy vibe, great rhythm, and something more of an alternative, late-night aura than anything purely designed for the pop world. Well worth a few spins at volume! 

Listen to “Loot” ft Bilda Boy here and read more with Yung Surf God below! 

Hey Yung Surf God! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! “Loot” is category transforming! Tell us how you came to produce this track!

I Received the biggest paycheck of my life. and couldn't stop feeling/ pretending like I robbed a bank.

Your latest release “Loot” is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?

I wanted to bring a little smoove east coast kid vibe, mixed with the west coast bounce and sunshine. 

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage? 

Have you collaborated with Bilda Boy before? How did the collaboration come about?

this was our 1st collab, we got some more stuff cooking up. but we meet through a facebook music networking group, I checked his music out, shit was dope and hella creative, reached out to him, and that's all she wrote. that my brother now

It was a treat being able to showcase “Loot” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve just released a new single?!

Well, I'm actually creating a children's cartoon. That I'm pretty excited about. but in 2020 I plan on dropping 2 Eps maybe 3! If things go right.

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