Yungsurfgod Makes His Name Known With “Surfy Tarantino”

Tevin Charles, better known for his professional name Yungsurfgod, is a 24 year old artist out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started taking rap seriously about two years ago and is a member of the 5-piece emerging rap group “86”. With a passion for art Yungsurfgod has his heart set on becoming an art director/coordinator one day. He wants to help connect humans together through the arts, whether its music, dance, film, or photography etc.

“Surfy Tarantino” is a track that follows its own rules, adhering to a desire to express a certain sentiment, this pours through in both the soundscape and the lyrics. The track leads with a heavy and alluring vibe, a hopeful bounce of prolific lyricism and grit. You get the smooth and smart sound of the artist’s leading voice, rhythmically flawless yet humble and quietly confident enough to get you listening in a natural and likable way. There’s honesty in the lyrics combined with a notably minimalist backdrop, means the performance manages to connect well. “Surfy Tarantino” is a fairly refreshing alternative to modern hip-hop. A smooth track with a simple yet recognizable hook, and a likable groove on the track as a whole.

Listen to “Surfy Tarantino” here and read more in our exclusive interview with Yungsurfgod below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yungsurfgod! How long have you been making music?

3 years now

What does the project “Surfy Tarantino” represent for you?

Being comfortable in my own skin. And establishing my mood towards haters.

What’s your main aspiration going forwards in 2019 as an artist?

To remain an indie Artist. And create more global international buzz, for my aspiration to tour Europe with my Artist group. 86 Ent. I also wanted to venture more on the talent scout & creative side, and play somewhat of A DJ Khaled/Akon role

What are your thoughts on the current hip hop landscape?

Independent artist are winning & the influx of young talented musicians/artist is Beautiful. I think artist groups like dreamvile and YBN will continue influence positive growth in hiphop. And last but not least the women artist are on the takeover and I love it. Especially Doja Cat, I think she's the female version of me, personality wise.

What are the main values you want to represent as a rapper?

I don't consider myself a rapper, I'm an artist, I love art. I shoot, and edits videos, i started a podcast. I record/mix music for others. But I would say the values most important to me are, having fun with Music/Art and being able to Express myself freely

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