YungVeli Comes at us Hot with New Single, “Lessons”

Born and raised in North Memphis, Darrell Chambers is an emerging Hip-Hop artist who releases music under his persona YungVeli.

Formerly known as Yung D, the budding musician grew up with a strong passion for poetry; he would share his bars with anyone who would listen. Since then, he has been working tirelessly to expand his platform and achieve his goals as an artist. YungVeli has gained lots of experience performing alongside the likes of 8 Ball, Lil Flip, Yo Gotti, Yung Buck, and more.

As the first song from his recent album “Some Way Some How,” “Lessons” is a hard-hitting Hip-Hop track with will certainly boost the energy level of the listener.

Perfect for a night out, or any moment surrounded by your crew, “Lessons” is a soundtrack to our ever-so-relatable lifestyles of ups and downs. YungVeli’s aggressive rapping style makes him come across as intimidating and mysterious. He showcases passion behind his lyrics with his high vocal volume and intensity – almost as if he is shouting.

The musical production is consistent with this tone, keeping things heated with a vibrant soundscape. YungVeli makes use of electronic sound-effects that compliment the bass-heavy beat. An electronic tone is played every 4 beats to create a simple melody. Every alluring effect is layered over an 808 trap beat, staying true to the world of Hip-Hop and trap. 

Hello YungVeli and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you describe the inspiration you used when writing “Lessons?” What do the lyrics represent? 

Seeing all the horrors that plague my community every day is what inspired this record. I'm just so tired of seeing the senseless killings that go on in the black community,  and on top of that, the hip hop artist continues to promote the very thing that is destroying our youth and community,  so I wanted to use my voice to steer my people in a different direction. 

The overall tone of “Lessons” is very intense and direct. Can you tell us how the vibes of “Lessons” compare to the rest of your album “Some Way Some How?” 

Lessons set the tone for the Album,  the whole project is within the same pocket with giving knowledge, wisdom, and insight on all the things that we deal with amongst our own. 

You have performed alongside a variety of well-known Hip-Hop artists including 8 Ball and MJG, Three 6, Project Pat, Lil Flip, Lil Boosie, Yung Buck, Yo Gotti, and Piles. How have these experiences shaped you to be the artist you are today? What have you learned while working alongside these artists? 

Having the respect of my peers is motivating,  it that assurance that you need at times to know that(hey)  I really belong here. 

Do you ever have trouble with songwriting or experience writer's block? How would you overcome moments like this?

Yeah, there are times that I have trouble writing,  that's mostly when on locked in on personal issues with family,  Family comes before everything else. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

God has, I know that he has a plan for me and that plan is to lead my people through my music.