Z'cano Produces Another Feel-Good Track with "Fine"

Songwriter/Producer Z'cano is a Chicago-native artist who currently resides in Nashville, and composing a variety of mixes that speak to a versatile mix of music listeners.

Always shining the spotlight on catchy melodies and nostalgic soundscapes, Z'cano is all about striving for feel-good tracks that can easily inspire and uplift its subsequent listener.

Nagging those recurring swanky beats, the reputation of Z'cano lives on to be nothing but positive, and the high-energy producer never misses a chance to impress, especially with his latest single release. 

Z'cano has released his hugely anticipated single, "Fine", and without any surprise, the track focuses on trendy melodies and harmonic chords in order to orchestrate the smooth quality vibe intrinsic to Z'cano's music.

"Fine" has a strong list of musical influences, ranging from Deep House/Pop inspirations which stem from the production, as well as outlining some faint elements of R&B styles within the vocals of the track.

Performed by A'Rose, a Tennessee Singer/Songwriter, "Fine" follows along with the modern-day narrative of the single life, and all of the factors (A.K.A the multitude of problems) that can result from such a status. Z'cano and A'Rose collaborated in order to share the harsh realities of dating around, but ultimately in order to highlight the many lessons that come from such experiences. The two are able to maintain the light-hearted energy of the track by focusing in on the projected ambiance, ensuring that listeners are consistently stimulated with the strong beat and layered vocals.