Zacarias Pours His Heart And Soul Into “House Of Love”

Zacarias is a Philippine-born Canadian singer/songwriter and musician from Calgary, AB. He has written songs and produced records for several R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop artists in the Calgary music scene. He is influenced by several styles and blends R&B vocals with smooth, mellow, head-bopping sounds. Zacarias currently releases at least one song every month, featuring all new music in 2019.

“House Of Love” brings optimism, a moment of beautiful melody and a spectacular new ballad from Zacarias. “House Of Love” delivers a level of honesty and openness, that vulnerability and truth that’s never held back. The intense piano ballad is heart-warming and features rhythmic vocals that lift things up into a more energetic realm. All of this paints a clear picture of Zacaris as an artist and a songwriter, there’s a definite sense of personality that’s easy to recognise in the vocal tone and in the sheer, uninhibited outpouring of thoughts. His style feels like music as therapy, for himself, and subsequently it may well work effectively for those who are going through similar personal thoughts and form connections with his listeners. 

Check out “House Of Love” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Zacarias

Hey Zacarias! Loving the new release! What was the general reaction you were hoping for from listeners?