Zach James Releases His Eerie New Single "Ghost"

Through his new single, “Ghost”, Zach James welcomes you to the seance. As the eerie pop song plays, beautifully dramatic lyrics awaken memories that might have been better left to rest. "Ghost" is about a love that ended poorly is brought back to life by the powerful forces of nostalgia. Zach James is haunted by the memory of a love lost. Someone he describes as a fellow 'king of paper town' is gone. This absence is as haunting as a restless spirit. Zach sees the memories of his loved one through rose-colored glasses, remembering only the good times, ignoring the bad times. He is overwhelmed with, 'why did you go?', 'We were so good together'. But that is not the whole truth.

In this song, Zach explores the unhealthy habit of lying to ourselves. We tell ourselves that everything is okay when really, it isn't. When a loved one leaves, we sometimes martyr them, desperately clinging to pieces of them. But we never allow ourselves to see the whole picture. Zach James uses soulful lyrics and the powerful push of a pop beat to illustrate the messages in “Ghost”. Drawing inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, and Conan Gray, Zach creates a thoughtful and vibrant song that combines heartfelt lyrics and nostalgic melodies. With such an immense talent for songwriting, we can't wait to see what this Austin-based artist does next.

Listen to "Ghost" here.