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Zachary Murdock Strikes a "Storm In Your Bedroom (feat. Ruby Modine & Kevin Joseph)"

The Venice-based musical shapeshifter Zachary Murdock returns with a flavorful collaboration alongside Ruby Modine and Kevin Joseph for their wavy single, "Storm In Your Bedroom (feat. Ruby Modine & Kevin Joseph)."

When we last heard from Zachary Murdock, he released a powerhouse hip-hop single entitled "Supernatural (feat. Wiill)," leading him down a collaborative path to success. Founder of Channel the Sun Art Collective, Zachary Murdock is constantly broadening his horizons to work alongside artists around the world.

Delving into the depths of alternative music through his latest single, "Storm In Your Bedroom (feat. Ruby Modine & Kevin Joseph)," Zachary Murdock and his accompanying team soak our souls in boundless passion through the song's sultry mood and soulful ambiance. Not to mention Kevin Joseph's brilliant production and instrumentals that bless our ears with endless thrills and hearty vibes.

Breaking down the single, "Storm In Your Bedroom (feat. Ruby Modine & Kevin Joseph)," the track opens with Zachary Murdock and Ruby Modine's vocal duet as they begin riding the soulful and savory beat. Listening to the instrumentals, Kevin Joseph opens the song with his wavy electric guitar, haunting bassline, and Adam Chavira's soothing saxophone melodies.

We adore the blend of organic and electronic instrumentals within this piece, as Andres Castro's synth arrangements perfectly complement Kevin Joseph's whaling guitar melodies while thickening the track's sonic depth. The song's lyricism is another intriguing aspect, as Zachary Murdock and Ruby Modine let us into an emotional story of allowing someone to witness their good and bad days.

Allow Zachary Murdock to be the eye of the "Storm In Your Bedroom (feat. Ruby Modine & Kevin Joseph)" and catch his forthcoming EP 'Ghost to Ghost, Vol. 2,' later this year.

Hello Zachary and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic to discuss your new single "Supernatural (feat. Wiill)." We love the lyrical and sonic depth exhibited on this track. What pushed you to create such a raw piece like this?

"Supernatural" was born out of a series I created called the Daily Flows where I and my team created a song and video every day from scratch posting it the same night on Instagram. We ended up making 212 songs and "Supernatural" was created during the end of this insane musical marathon. The raw feel of the song was inspired by my intense passion and drive that has kept me creating for 20+ years, through all of the heartbreak and resistance, and that continues to keep me inspired daily to show up and give everything I've got to my art. This record is an anthem for the ferocious dreamers who refuse to give up no matter what happens, through the shadows keeping their hearts fire ablaze. Did you have any help regarding the production for "Supernatural (feat. Wiill)?" How did this sonic creative process go about? "Supernatural" was produced by Kevin Joseph, Beats by Ghostwriter, and Joshua Morales, and was created remotely during quarantine. The song began with Kevin sending me a guitar loop which quickly inspired my pen to dance wildly on the page. I recorded my vocals, sent the song to Beats, Josh and Wiill and the rest is history. Did you and Wiill work on each other's bars together for "Supernatural (feat. Wiill)?" Or did you create your verses solo? Wiill and I are brothers and so we are both cut from the same cloth. We have an unspoken understanding of each other and so when I sent him the song he knew exactly what to do. Wiill is a one-of-a-kind artist, pure talent, and natural creator and I am so excited to keep growing alongside him. How does "Supernatural (feat. Wiill)" fit into the entire EP 'Ghost to Ghost, Vol. 1?' Does the single touch on any themes that are mentioned throughout the EP? The 'Ghost to Ghost, Vol. 1' EP is all about believing in yourself, listening to Spirit, and accepting the light and dark as one. "Supernatural" feels like a peak moment in the EP, a mountain top song sung by the hero who has traveled far and wide to reach their enlightenment sky. What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create? Like you, I am the mystery in disguise, a "human" who was born full of love and curiosity, passion and joy to connect and create. Over the years a deep sadness began to fill my heart as I saw how much cruelty and suffering fills our world. This sadness inspired me to dig deep and find my true passion, music and creating, and to use these gifts to illuminate the darkness. We are all from the same source and will return there again someday, my music is a reminder of that and a call to the inner child inside of all of us to rise up and roar. I am constantly creating and have no plans of stopping, follow me on Instagram @channelthesun to stay updated on all of the new magic and tune in on February 26th for the release of our new EP, 'Ghost to Ghost, Vol. 2.'



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