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Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds Give Our Speakers a Thrill with, "Snow White"

Photo by: Bryce Glenn

Staten Island's producer and songwriter Zack Martino teams up with singer-songwriter Kyle Reynolds for their punchy punk/dance single, "Snow White."

Zack Martino's impressive discography has managed to land collaborations with acts like Borgeous and Tritonal that have garnered over 50 million streams across all platforms. The New York native is constantly upping his game and paving the way for new artists to explore whichever sound and style they desire.

Now releasing his lively punk/dance single with Kyle Reynolds entitled "Snow White," the song melts through our speakers with the utmost energy and life as Zack Martino's production fuses his punk influence with contemporary elements of electronic music. Not to mention Kyle Reynolds' energetic and gripping vocal performance, both artists truly bring vast talent and passion to this powerhouse single.

Produced by Reed Hoeschler, "Snow White" opens with a punk-inspired guitar riff that crunches its way through our speakers alongside the song's hefty instrumentation. As Kyle Reynolds makes his energetic vocal appearance, he instantly strikes vocal similarities to Post Malone, especially as he continues belting his vocals while Zack Martino backs him up with a vibrant dance/house feel.

As Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds make their way to the song's second half, they drench us in an infectious party-mood with a lyricism that leaves us with an urge to get up and dance. Not to mention accompanying lyrics surrounding someone's heart who's turned to stone, we love the passion, emotion, and life that both Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds have brought with this delectable hit.

Get up and moving with Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds' latest single, "Snow White," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Zack Martino, what a thrilling adventure you've provided with your latest single, "Snow White." Where did your inspiration for the song's lyrical content come from?

Thank you, with Snow White we wanted to make a fun party song while telling a story of a girl who’s basically losing sight of her reality within the party scene.

What was it like working alongside Kyle Reynolds when creating the song "Snow White?" Was this your first time working together?

I love working with Kyle! This is our second song together. We made this after our first collab “Glue”. We bonded over our love for early 2000s pop-punk & knew we wanted to take “Snow White” in that direction.

How did producer Reed Hoelscher help finalize and fine-tune "Snow White" to bring the song to life? What was this sonic collaborative experience like?

I & Reed have been working together for about a year now. He’s one of the most talented people I know and working with him is so effortless we get each other so well. When the vocals for Snow White were finished we started going over a bunch of chord progressions and the ones in the song were actually on the first take that we came up with.

Photo by: Eric Cubningham

Do you often merge the sounds of punk and electronic/dance within your music, similar to "Snow White?" Would you say that your creations are more explorative rather than stagnant in one specific sound/genre?

My whole career has been based around House Music. That’s what I grew up on & play in my sets. While my remixes are very house-based, for my singles I love incorporating vocals from different genre artists. I can’t wait to show everyone all these new tunes, there are definitely a ton more pop-punk/dance ones.


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