Zack Ultra Updates BuzzMusic With Latest New Music

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Zack Ultra! It wasn’t long since we’ve last featured your music! How do you stay on track to create relevant content so consistently?

I just love to create, most importantly I love to create music. I'm finishing my first studio album titled ULTRA. So with this album, the content is a different vibe, deep, with new energy; I like to stay different do what's not being done or take what's being done to ULTRA LEVEL. With the last interview, my single TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP is on the Ruff Dimmins Presents Zack Ultra EP. The purpose of that EP was to serve it as an appetizer to show people what's to come and how I evolved as an artist. With my music now I'm being completely me and completely free, letting it all flow naturally, and not concerning myself with what's trending or what's hot. I'm not here to set trends, I'm here to set the new standard.

What can you tell us about your much-anticipated debut album? Do you have an official release date?

The album will be title "ULTRA" because it's my last name, my way of life, the level I evolved to. This will be me telling my story, I'm getting personal on this project, speaking on life experiences and my point of views. There things in my life that my mom, wife, and family don't know happened to me. With that being said; NO! this is not a depressing album, I'm creating a new vibe. So it will be fun, deep, euphoric, sad, motivating, and maybe a completely left field. (LOL)

No release date yet, but I want to release it around my birthday in early February 2020 (Aquarius Season). I'm not rushing this, but If I'm done by then I most certainly will release it.

We’re bumping your latest track “Honey Mustard Drip” through the office! Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics?

First; I unconditionally love honey mustard, it's my favorite condiment. I don't use ketchup, regular mustard, I prefer it over BBQ sauce, salad dressing, etc. Secondly; I love gold and lately I find myself loving gold, even more, not just the metal but the color as well. The feel and meaning of gold. The color Gold is a passion, wisdom, magic (yes I believe in God), and strength, courage, compassion, love, and to illuminate. As for the metal; God is a precious and unique metal, represents prosperity, wealth, light, and grandeur. So, when I say "my skin dark gold, but you call it black...." I mean that $hit.

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

Just being able to release music that sounds and see people vibe to it is an achievement in itself. Having the talent to do it is a true blessing, any time I'm in the studio creating is a memorable moment. To answer the question with a particularly memorable or life-changing achievement, I would have to say the Honey Mustard Drip release party. I linked Opromo365 for my first ever single release party at The Cigar Village in East Atlanta Village. The party was a success; great crowd, lit vibes, and nothing but amazing feedback from hearing the song. When I performed HMD, the crowd was singing "Gold on Me" the part of the hook where I'm harmonizing. To hear people singe my song is a memorable moment and life-changing achievement because now I know that what I'm doing is working and continue to work. So I have more parties on the way to help promote the upcoming album.

What are your thoughts on mainstream hip hop at present, and your hopes for the genre going forward?

I think mainstream Hip-Hop is doing well now. I'm seeing and hearing more versatility, not just one sound or the same idea over and over. I hope to be one of the most influential icons of Hip-Hop, to be part of the continuous evolution of Hip-Hop. Because Hip-Hop is steadily evolving, and as a pure music junkie. I LOVE IT!

Besides music, what other creative projects are you working on?

Well, Fall of 2018 I launched my clothing brand EVOLVE by Zack Ultra, a brand influenced by my music. The purpose of the brand is to inspire and show evolution, to be a leader of evolution, and to look great while doing it. I do all the designs; which are inspired by songs I have released, and some songs have a full collection, for example, Honey Mustard Drip. I have shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, bags, artwork, phones cases, etc. Evolve by Zack Ultra online store is exclusively on

On 4/20/2019 I did a soft launch for my cannabis brand Ultradam at an event called Potlanta with Litt Network. I dropped the song "Ultradam," stash jars, and edibles from my "Baked Goods" brand. This was a total success as well, we sold half of the merch, and people enjoyed the song. The future of Ultradam will be Ultradam Grow our grow house to grow our strains, rolling papers and pre-rolled cones, more from Baked Goods, and Ultrdam University (where you can go learn about cannabis for free) via

Nearly six years ago I started my non-profit T.U.F (Team Ultra Foundation), where I have an annual Ultra Christmas Toy Drive. Now, we have added a program called "you don't have to starve, where we donate food to struggling families and the homeless. We are planning on adding more events and programs to give and uplift all communities. We are always looking for volunteers who want to join and have great ideas, just visit

Listen to Zack Ultra's latest song "Honey Mustard" here!


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