Zaetacion Will Have Listeners Feeling Connected On His New Single, “It Is What It Is”

Emerging artist Zaetacion hails from Columbus, Ohio where he writes and produces his own original tracks.

With each newly released single, Zaetacion steps closer to his goal of being the next wave of music for this generation. His newest single “It is what it is” is an ode for individuals who are unable to speak out for themselves. Each growing lyric creates an emerging intensity that is filled with immense inspiration.

The light beat and guitar support Zaetacion’s strong and sharp vocal ability making this R&B track grow slowly while remaining stable and steady. “It Is What It Is” pushes for listeners to never let everyone else’s opinions change what they do or how they think and with the stabilization nature of Zaetacion's voice, they will never feel alone. Listening to this slower-intense rap track will instill a feeling of calmness within listeners although it holds a natural, inspiring rap style.

With streaming available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Youtube, Zaetacion is improving the reach of his audience with every new hit single including “It Is What It Is” and is able to touch more and more individuals with his heartfelt, connecting lyrics.

We are loving your new single “It Is What it is." What would you say was your inspiration for this track?

My single "It Is What It Is," is inspired by events occurring in my life, everything I heard, seen and the emotions I am feeling.

You mentioned your music is written for people who don’t or can’t speak for themselves. What would you say is the message you are trying to put out within “It is what it is?"

The message I am trying to put out is life can get hard so it is what it is, don’t listen to people’s opinions, and don’t pay attention to people hoping you fall because you will always have haters in life it is what it is.

What other well-known artists would you say you have drawn inspiration from when creating your unique sound?

My style and sound come from me personally but some inspirations from well-known artists as YBN Nahmir, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, and many more.

What do you feel are your next steps as you hope to grow as an artist?

My next steps as I grow as an artist would be to evolve my sound to attract different people across the world, also broaden my horizons for different music genres.

What has been keeping you motivated and creative while creating new music?

What has kept me motivated and creative while creating new music is my family surroundings and the people I have around me, my goals, the progress I’m seeing with my streams and fans I’m gaining.