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Zaida Gives the World a Peek into Her Highest Triumphs and Lowest Falls on New single “Savannah”

Born into arts and music, up and coming lyrical artist Zaida learned to play piano at only 12 years old and fell in love with the entirety of music. Using her self-written poetry as inspiration, Zaida showcases her incredible vocal delivery and immense storytelling ability in her new single, "Savannah."

Within "Savannah," each listener will become those traveling the path as each lyric portrays one of Zaida's distinct journeys through heartbreak, hardships, and happiness. Lyrics like "what didn't you see in me" allow listeners to touch on the lowest heartbreaks felt just before the strong growths to follow.

The melodic soundtrack creates a united and consistent feeling throughout this musical piece as the vocals grow and dip within each verse's feelings. The background piano ties into Zaida's musical roots and is truly the window for listeners to hear and feel her distinct experiences. "Savannah" has an organic and whole nature that encompasses the unique musical style within this piece.

"Savannah" is much more than just a self-produced single, but rather a storyline for listeners to become a part of. As each of Zaida's songs draws from a unique background, we can not wait to see what she has in store for the future.

We loved your new single Savannah and were wondering what the process was like for you when creating this track?

Thank you for featuring my song Savannah on BuzzMusic! It is very rare that I compose a song in 20 minutes, and that is exactly how it happened with Savannah. I have always wanted to compose a song with a name in it. One night, I was watching a Facebook live show by a local artist, and he called his daughter over to him, her name, Savannah. At that moment, I knew that was the name of my next song. I picked up my acoustic, started strumming a few chords, and Savannah transpired.

You mentioned the immense influence your mom had on your musical journey beginning at such a young age. Have you tried to continue incorporating her knowledge/teachings/journey in your music and if so how?

My mom is my biggest fan. I have taken her on my musical journey for many years, and when I have faltered, she has led me back onto that journey. When my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia, I was at the hospital every day. After her chemotherapy sessions, she had me bring my guitar every time. One night she said to me, “I have you sing to me every night you visit because it’s the only time that I feel some normalcy during these sessions.” Even during those tough times, my mom never let me go astray on my dreams. My mom has been cancer-free for 8 years now, this February. She is my endless song. She encourages me every day to keep striving for the star that is within my soul.

For many listeners your track creates a feeling of commonality and familiarity to their journey and positive/negative situations, do you find that your journeys are written to be entirely unique to yourself, or written into your music in such a way that makes them relatable to others?

The beautiful element of a song is that the listener interprets it the way they see fit. When I write a song, yes, I write what I am feeling, but I also write it in a way where that listener can relate to the words. For example, in my song Savannah, did he leave to “go see Savannah,” meaning the town because he had to get out of where he was, or did he leave to see a girl named Savannah? It’s however the listener wants to interpret the song, what they are feeling at that moment.

Each of your singles is so powerful and lyrically sound, how are you able to tie them all together to create your unique musical brand with such varying storylines?

First, thank you for the compliment. I am a storyteller at heart. That is, what I believe, is to be my musical brand. I tell stories, using my voice as an instrument, to speak the words others can’t say.

What can we expect to see next from you?

My next single (I can’t disclose the title yet), I am truly excited about. Compared to Savannah, it has a totally different sound. And, I am going to have a guest artist singing on the track. That track will hopefully be out in a couple of months. Get ready, because it will have you dancing!



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