Zak G Brings Hypnotizing Lo-Fi to the Stage With, "Stuck (Lost in You)"

Hailing from New York and New Jersey, the hip-hop artist and Producer Zak G bring a surreal vibe within his latest Lo-Fi single, "Stuck (Lost in You)." Growing up in the countryside of Syracuse, New York, Zak G worked as a radio producer yet wasn't fully satisfied as there was an urge to create music full time. Doing so and moving to greater NYC allowed Zak G to flourish as an artist fully.

His latest release, "Stuck (Lost in You)," came to life after @beatglobal's Instagram rap tournament, where fans messaged Zak G and asked him to create a full version of his verse. He fully submerges listeners in the world of lyrical Lo-Fi with a supporting jazzy beat; its no wonder fans requested this irresistible track to be completed.

Zak G opens "Stuck (Lost in You)" with his groovy intro verse, where he rides the beat with lyrical excellence, describing romantic scenes of being entirely lost in someone's presence. Especially around the hook, Zak G brings these rhythmic vocals and sings on each offbeat, adding an indescribable texture to the track. What keeps the song so intriguing and catchy is the supporting production, giving listeners a mellow atmosphere through softened sax and down-tempo drum patterns.

The poor repeat button is heavily overused when "Stuck (Lost in You)" makes its way to the top of our playlist. Each rhyme Zak G delivers is incredibly precise and fresh, easily giving listeners something to turn on while turning their minds off for the evening.

Thank you for listening to fans and releasing your much needed Lo-Fi banger, "Stuck (Lost in You)." When did you initially begin writing lyrics for the track? Did you have bars written before @beatglobal's IG rap tournament? First of all, I appreciate you saying that it's "much needed." I'm actually quite a procrastinator so if I'm remembering correctly it was written a couple of days before the deadline. I shot the Instagram video literally the day before it was due with a couple of ambitious friends also making moves in the industry. My mind loves to cram everything at once, something I'm trying to get better at as I move forward. So no, I had nothing really planned and everything happened spur of the moment. But I guess that's how the best songs are made? Not sure if that's a limiting belief. Could you tell us what your creative process was like when expanding your freestyle verse into the entire song that is "Stuck (Lost in You)"?

I started listening through the 5 Lo-Fi beats they sent for the competition. I'm listening to all of them and one that @raybeezondabeat did really gets my head bopping. I wrote the first verse pretty quickly and recorded that verse not far after. After that, I wanted to give it some flavor, so I then recorded the vocal doubles that give certain parts a punch. You'll hear:11 seconds in when I sing "It don't mean nothing" I'm also singing it in a lower octave behind it. Then I wanted to give the double vocals some character, using certain plug-ins in the software Logic Pro to make them sound high like a hamster or low like a monster. For example, when I'm rapping "I'll be going for another 100 easy" (:14 Seconds in) and it sounds like my voice has a certain demon-ish quality to it. In my opinion, it's a great way to make your vocal standout if used tastefully. After writing, recording, and mixing the first verse, I put it out and people seem to enjoy it. So I went back, repeated the same process for the second verse then tackled the hook at the end. Some artists are cool with just being the rapper, and there's no knock to that, but I may be more of a control freak when it comes to my sound. Your bars and flow are incredibly compelling and intriguing for any listener. What topics and themes do you shed light on within your lyricism? Are your songs solely inspired by your life experiences?

They are based on my life experiences but also how I see the world moving. A lot of us have high expectations and can be hard on ourselves. A lot of us feel "Stuck" in our ways, who we are, what society has told us we are. We also feel we have to portray this perfect persona on social media. These things cause us to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. I don't want to be perfect, I just want to become more of my better self each and every day. If I'm doing that and influencing people to also do that, I'm succeeding. I think this song as much as it is about being stuck, it's about breaking free of the limitations you put on yourself. A lot of my music is about that in essence. Regarding your upcoming singles and EP to be released in 2021, do you plan on sticking with this atmospheric Lo-Fi sound, or might you experiment with other sub-genres?

I'm an experimenter. I never want to be defined by a genre of music. Maybe add a little rock influence as Linkin Park is a HUGE influence for me. Maybe a sprinkle of r&B/soul just watching Childish Gambino evolve from nerdy rapper to serious artist to neo-soul... doing different things just makes you a more well-rounded artist. My love for music is too great to stick with just one sound. I also may have a fear of labels (double entendre.. I hope you get this one). What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Two things, the first is people. When other fellow artists start to put out amazing projects, fans/friends share my music or just a simple DM/phone call saying they appreciate my music and to keep going. This is always a great pick me up when I'm feeling a little down or in my head. The second is time. Since COVID hit I've been unemployed so all my energy can go towards creating and self-discovery. Right now I can make my focus 100% music and that's empowering. I just know when the dust fully clears and we are back to "normal" whatever normal will be, hopefully, I'll have some momentum moving forward.