Zanzey Effortlessly Blends Genres To Create His Latest Powerhouse Track “Too Much!”

Zanzey is a Rockford, Illinois, born and raised, singer/songwriter who combines old school and contemporary styles of music. Zanzey currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and attends Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, while creating pop, rock, and R&B inspired music for listeners from all walks of life. Zanzey strives to galvanize the current music industry and take the world by storm with his original tracks.

“Too Much!” by Zanzey is all about being confident and being true to yourself, despite what you’ve been through! Spreading positivity and good vibes, “Too Much!” doesn’t hold any heavy subject matter or ill will, just infectious tunes and energetic rhythms. Whether he’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, Zanzey’s powerhouse melody remains strong over top of the heavy backbeat. The lead vocals are equally mesmerizing as they take hold of the listener throughout the hook. Zanzey has the admirable skill of creating content that’s relatable and inspiring for his listeners. An absolute hit and an impressively timeless song that will be playing on the airwaves for many months and years to come. We love what Zanzey brings to the table and we’re looking forward to hearing more! 


Check out “Too Much!” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Zanzey!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Zanzey! "Too Much!" is your latest release and we’re hooked! How did the production go for the track?

The Production of the track started with unfinished instrumental that my friends, Christian Engum and Bennett Van Pelt, had made together. I really liked the sound, and I started writing melodies and lyrics to that track. Then I realized that what I was saying in the song didn't really match the vibe of the original track, so I took it to my friend Ethan Deetz. He and his twin brother Noah worked on revamping the instrumental with suggestions that I had made; to get the sound I was looking for. Which ended up as the final instrumental.

Your sound is so developed and confident, how long have you been making music? What pushed you to start?

I have been singing for as long as I remember since I have been in choir and sang with my family. However, I started making my own music by free styling with my friends in high school to YouTube beats. While they were all rapping, I started singing melody lines and choruses to what they were rapping. I starting writing down lyrics and such, the summer of 2018. That summer I felt like I should try to write a song since I had always wanted to, and wrote my first song "Doubter's Paradise" in an hour. 

Can you try and explain the connection you feel that you have with your music? How do you project this connection through your music, to your listeners?

Honestly, the process of writing this past year and a half has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done for my well being. Somehow things that I didn't even know about myself have come out into my songs, and have brought a lot of clarity to how I think and act. The way I hope my music is perceived, would be for people to think about why they feel the way they do about certain situations and do what is right, not just what feels right in the moment.

We know that "Too Much!" has an impactful meaning behind the lyrics. Can you explain to our readers the meaning behind the song? What inspired it?

The meaning of Too Much! is that it is alright to be wild and who you are, and to not worry about what people think of you. Especially not to change yourself for a love interest in order to be any specific way that isn't 100% you. I've struggled with ADHD pretty much my whole life, and it has caused me to have hyperactive outbursts that eventually formed the basis for this song. The instance that inspired the song was that I had been chasing a girl for a while, and finally got her to go on a date with me. Afterward, she left me hanging dry, but later I found out that she told her friends that I was "Too Much" for her. Which made me very self conscious and caused me to write the song about it. 

Thanks so much for giving us this interview! Can we expect to see any upcoming releases or shows from you throughout the rest of 2019?!

As of right now, I am mostly focusing on honing my musical ability and artistic delivery, though I would definitely love to sing my music for anyone that would care to listen.  I'll be working hard to get the overall Zanzey experience to be exactly how I envision it to be and at the same time putting my main focus on becoming a better musician in life.

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