Zea Sy Releases The Electrifying Hit, “Been With You”

Zea Sy grew up singing and writing music at a young age while listening to artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and tons of church music. The love she had for rock n roll started young and it morphed with time as she did. She traveled with her mom to numerous countries including South Africa, and Malawi at a young age, learning about the culture, stereotypes, and what it means to be who you are. This exposure helped shape the foundation upon which her music would lie. Being a black woman in a genre that doesn’t have many POC has had its challenges but it has also been the stage for conversations that may have never happened. Her goal as an artist is to help those she comes in contact with to never have a mid-life crisis.

Zea Sy released her latest single titled “Been With You” and it's a perfectly crafted rock n roll tune with a significant amount of attitude and a fiery approach that keeps us on edge! “Been With You” pulls from the likes of Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin through Zea Sy's powerhouse female vocals. “Been With You” has a moment in the song where it showcases this electrifying instrumental solo, taking you on a radical journey through guitar rhythms and striking chords from each strum. Zea Sy’s intricate voice undergoes iconic belts and entices its listener. “Been With You” is a multitude of rock n roll dimensions that makes this a timeless badass hit!

Listen to "Been With You" here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Zea Sy!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Zea Sy! In what ways has your upbringing impacted your style of music today?

I grew up in dc until I was 11 then my mom (who worked for USAID) got a job in Africa. That transition was so tough for me as I was an only child and it was just her and I. But that move changed my life. It really forced to me accept and want to understand culture and why people do and believe what they do. 

Anyway I ended up having a really bad accident playing golf  over there (used to want to be a pro golfer) of all things and had to have surgery. I got super depressed because they had to shave all my hair off and I had a ton of scars (which I still have to this day) and I just felt like a pariah and my mom decided to do something extraordinary. She took 3 months off work and we did an around the world trip; just her and I. I didn't want to go because I thought I looked so terrible, but the experience during that trip changed my life. Not only was every country incredible but she showed me how blessed I am, and sometimes getting out of your own head and not caring what others thought about you was more important that missing the lessons and beauty of life. This is one of the reasons I have my hair shaved because I WANT to show those scars!

When I was in the hospital all I listened to was Evanescence's Bring me back to life and as dramatic as that sounds it really helped me. But it also really made me realized how much I loved more of a heavier sound. 

When I came back to America, I graduated from uni and I moved to Orlando fl. Being down there I really honed in on my craft and played in multiple bands and cover bands doing lots of classic rock music; it just solidified my love for it. 

Something I’ve learned too is to not react to people who are racist towards me... it can be tough doing rock n roll as a black woman. I hear some mean things and I have to think... this might be the only God someone sees and it could be a teaching moment over adding fuel to the fire. 

How would you describe your songwriting approach when creating the perfect song?

I have been writing since I was a little one. I studied a lot of literature and poetry in college. And now I write A LOT of songs. Mainly in the car to be honest. Thank God for the voice memo app. Sometimes I just have an idea and words that go with it. Sometimes I write the melody and lyrics at the same time. I know a lot of people don’t do that but it helps me get it out. It honestly just depends on the situation. I wrote a song called “I QUIT” which will come out this year; wrote that having just quit a crappy first LA job. 

Were there any specific arrangements in “Been With You”? What was the major theme of this single? 

No, I just know I wanted it to be a rock n roll tune. My husband just went in and shredded. BEEN WITH YOU stemmed from a time of being wholly alone to fully engulfed in another soul; gaining additional love while self still exists. I’ve had so many relationships where I disappeared in the relationship. It wasn’t balanced and I didn’t stand up for myself. Never again. I also think who you are with really matters too, duh!

How does “Been With You” represent Zea Sy as an artist?

Been with you is my Rock baby. Rock n roll is truly the style of music I want to do. I grew up listening to classics then added more of a modern flare to what I was listening too. I honestly listen to so many different types /styles of music.

I recorded the vocals for this song once! I’ve never done that before. For me it kept the song natural, raw, bold, and unapologetic; which is what rock n roll is for me. 

What’s next for you?

I am going to be releasing a lot more songs. One of my favorites is called HONESTY. It’s very emotional, poetic, and just a story. Oh and I QUIT is coming out soon too. Pretty excited.  

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