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Zelden Sees Right Through Your "Silver Tongue"

Zelden is a singer-songwriter reigning from Massachusetts. She comes from a musical family where her father played drums as well as sang in church, and her grandfather played guitar and piano, often humoring her as she tirelessly jammed to the demo Nutcracker track on his keyboard as a kid.

Her music is centered on emotions and harmonies. Each artistic choice she makes, like the dissonant harmonies or layered vocals, they are deliberate in an effort to convey the story in her head or point she is trying to get across.

Zelden is influenced by alternative artists such as Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Bring Me The Horizon as she carries a touch of contemporary R&B from the sound of Jojo and melodies from video games soundtracks.

Wrapping listeners in a colossal atmosphere that exudes glimmers of delicate timbres in an overall empowering essence, Zelden is fresh off the release of her single “Silver Tongue.” Mystery weaves itself in this power ballad that pulls from various genres in the

inclusive quintessence of the melodies heard.

The tumultuous guitar riffs that grace the instrumentation linger in the surroundings of this soundscape by adding textured dimension to the somber ambiance of the prominent piano chords performed in “Silver tongues.” Rock n roll geared percussion keeps the sound of this record rhythmically boisterous as Zelden sprawls her angelic finesse to the vocalization captured. There are hues of intimacy radiated in the vulnerable narrative that is depicted. “I am more than this. More than all, the pain and selfishness” is the lyrical motif that hurdles itself from the chorus as we break down the agony and passion heard in Zelden’s poignant enactment. The limits explored by her artistry are uncanny.

Zelden creates a victorious soundscape that rises from the ashes like a phoenix as she reveals a genuine version of the hurt she uses to build her kingdom of perseverance. “Silver Tongue” sets Zelden in a category of her own as she continues to establish her name.

You carry forth such a unique blend of genres that solidify your sound as an artist. How long did it take for you to discover your sound that listeners know and love?

Thank you for having me. To be honest, I don’t think I just have one sound. Whatever I write comes out as its own being so I may start with one genre but end up in others like Indie Rock and maybe even Pop in the future. “Silver Tongue” is my first release and presents itself as Pop Rock, but I wasn’t sure of its sound until I heard Bring Me The Horizon’s “Parasite Eve”. I was so incredibly inspired by its darker tones and powerful melodies that I wanted to emulate it in some respect with my own style and story. The two works are incredibly different, of course, but that was the direction Silver Tongue was pointing in. So I’m not sure how long it took to get my sound. I think I’m still finding it.

In “Silver Tongue,” we’re introduced to a vulnerable side of yourself in the lyrics you perform. What inspired the theme of this song? What does it mean to you as an artist and individual?

“Silver Tongue” was inspired by a really toxic relationship I had growing up. I was in a long relationship with someone that I found out was lying to me and probably lying to himself for years. He was emotionally abusive and often blamed me, pinning me as “the crazy one”. I got really hurt by this and it took years for me to realize that there was nothing wrong with me. “Silver Tongue” was inspired by the fact that this person felt as though they could talk themselves into or out of any situation and this song was created to call them out on their BS while also raising me up to realize I was worth more than that relationship.

As a person, this song means I can finally be honest and open about what I went through, which is something I was always too scared to do. As an artist, this song paves way for the rest of the parts of me I hid for so long after that relationship. This song solidified the right for me to be myself.

Do you find that the music scene in Massachusetts has shaped the way you construct your artistry?

The Massachusetts music scene does affect the way I construct my music. I’ve only ever performed small shows at local cafes and bars but those experiences were amazing and super humbling. I have so many talented friends I get to watch perform on stage and I admire their talent so much. Artists like Kris Musto of Hyber, George Wyntr, Papi Xampeux, and so many others who are unabashedly themselves on stage have fueled my passion for music. Without them, I wouldn’t have thought making music and putting it out like this was possible.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging heard in “Silver Tongue?"

I hope that listeners will relate to how I felt years ago in Silver Tongue. There will be a special demographic of people who will know exactly what I am talking about and have their “aha!” moment like I did when I heard Hayley Williams’ “Simmer” and Selena Gomez’s “Look at Me Now”. Those songs helped me feel less alone. I want my song to do the same. If anyone ever finds themselves in a situation like I did, listen to your gut and talk to others about your experience no matter how much you’re scared to. You deserve the world.

What's next for you?

More music! I have so many songs written to be produced that I cannot wait to share. So look out for an EP in the coming future.


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