ZENESOUL Captivates Us With Her Silky Voice in “How It Feels"

The Brampton, based R&B/Neosoul artist ZENESOUL has been set out on a mission to take listeners on a mystical journey through never-ending stories in her music. Using interesting textures that combine modern styles and gospel and Nigerian traditional music, ZENESOUL uses her delicate voice to share her stories beautifully. ZENESOUL is back again sharing a new story, and this time it's with her latest single "How It Feels."

"How It Feels," a song that you'll want to put on late at night while reflecting on your past self, wondering if you ever took something too far, and that's why you missed that chance. We couldn't help but feel nostalgic but also fresh new emotions from this release, ZENESOUL has a very '90s R&B tune as the backbone to where her silky modern voice sweeps our hearts overtop and closes the deal. "How It Feels" features a flavorful piano progression, patient but driving slightly dirty drums, ethereal synths and keyboards, and of course, her beautiful vocals that we can't help but take us to never-before-heard heights. We are thrilled about this release and can't wait to hear what is coming next from ZENESOUL.

Be sure to listen to “How It Feels” here.

Hey there ZENESOUL! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We couldn’t help but feel your release “How It Feels” touches on self-reflection, is that what the song means to you? How do the lyrics relate to your own life?

The song talks about the feeling of being loved. Wondering how it feels to be loved by someone. Wondering if my past experiences truly loved. This song was my escape from my typical heartbroken songs. 

The production of “How It Feels” has that ’90s R&B vibe to it, how did the whole backing element of the record come to life? Did you start with any particular elements?

I’ve had an obsession with the 90s since forever! I wanted to create a vibe! I heard the beat for how it feels online created by producer 8fifty and I fell in love! It made me feel happy and chillin. It made it very easy for me to write about love and positives of it. Creating this song felt so natural and I owe a lot of it to the beat. 

We’re loving the modern/retro vibe you have going on here, with influences like Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Brandy, and Jill Scott, what about all of these icons makes them an influence for you? What are some ways their music finds a way to infuse yours?

They all have a soulful voice that you can‘t ignore. They have a way of getting their message across in such a beautiful and simple way. Their music inspires me to be simple with my music and to always have a message. Maintaining soul in my music is highly influenced by these artists and I hope to create music that is as timeless as theirs. 

At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to make a career out of music? What are some steps you took to help achieve that goal?

2018 I decided to follow my heart and to give music a chance. I didn’t want to live life wondering what if. Knowing myself I would have eventually regretted not trying so I made a decision to put in the work and see where it takes me.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

2020 my goal is to be consistent. I have so much music and so many ideas and I just want to consistently put it out there.