Zeu$B Brings the Energy with New Track “Moonlight” Ft. Sucha Showoff

Zeu$B is an emerging rapper and recording artist from Newark, New Jersey. Writing since the young age of 10, Zeu$B spent his early teens perfecting his craft until finally recording his first song at 16 years old. Now age 23, Zeu$B has spent the past 3 years taking his music career to new heights. His new single “Moonlight” ft. Sucha Showoff is a late-night hip-hop anthem.

The unmistakable sound of Zeu$B pours through in the form of the explosive new track “Moonlight”. Zeu$B smashes into action with this track, a musically pleasing hip-hop soundscape supports a series of hard-hitting or melodically entrancing vocals, each part rhythmically on point and moving the piece along in a uniquely striking way. Everything from the beat to the vocals and the simplicity of that hook lingers in your mind after listening. Fine production lets the music stand tall. It's a strong mix, which means you can turn up the volume and engage with the energy of the soundscape as well as the personality and storylines at the heart of the writing. Zeu$B’s spoken-word vocals are concise and specific, they’re detailed and captivating right through to the end. All of this leans in the direction of originality and character, which makes “Moonlight” absolutely worth a listen! Check out “Moonlight” here.

Hey Zeu$B! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public? 

Honestly the influence I had around me growing up like close cousins and friends. I always knew I had the ability but the moment I featured one of my closest boys song and actually hear myself in a studio motivated to make more music and enhance my craft 

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into his lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Moonlight”?

The hook speaks for itself but the verse is basically the struggle of desiring a female to the max but at the same time, you have to focus on real-life in the world. In essence, we all want what we can’t have but still purse it anyway

Since you’ve been making music for a few years, how would you compare some of the earlier material you’ve written to your newest release “Moonlight”?

Moonlight definitely has a more melodic delivery in the vocals and I also knew the direction of where I wanted to take this song And others I’ll be releasing in the future. A lot of my earlier work I kind of just winged it and it came out good lol

What have been some of your proudest or most memorable moments in music so far?

I would say my “Non$top” video. I wasn’t expecting any of the energy that you’ll see in that visual. One of my boys just finished performing and after shot an outside Scene to our music and everyone cane out and starting Tin up! Blew my mind, never knew my music would have that effect. It definitely helped me go harder. The proudest project as well 

We really appreciate you chatting with us about your incredible music! What’s next for you artistically? Does your creativity manifest itself in other ways?

Definitely my mind goes off in all different directions when creating music so it’s like rolling the dice and seeing what happens. my next track is gonna be in a whole different time frame literally, It's gonna jazzy funky vibes for everyone to unwind to, coming real soon.