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Zhaklin Channels Her Inner Warrior In, “I Hide It Well”

Resilient recording artist and singer-songwriter Zhaklin wants to lend a helping hand with her latest emotional and empowering single, "I Hide It Well."

Zhaklin endured quite a tragic childhood that started with her father being murdered in her own home. After retreating from life and maturing at a very early age, she later asked her mother for piano and dance lessons to find an outlet for all that pain, trauma, and strife.

Fast forward to today, Zhaklin is one of the most resilient, dedicated, and empowering recording artists on the scene. She strives to evoke a sense of belonging in listeners, doing so with her latest single, "I Hide It Well." This song is for "the warriors who suffer in silence," says Zhaklin, adding that social media blurs our perception of reality and evokes feelings of inferiority, unhappiness, and not being enough.

Diving into "I Hide It Well," a gentle piano melody opens the song while Zhaklin softly sings of lingering pains that roam beneath the skin. And yes, she hides it well. The fluttery and chilling adult contemporary instrumentals slowly expand as Zhaklin reaches the hook. She belts her heart out, exclaiming that she's invincible, unshakeable, and ready to keep battling through life's woes.

This song is nothing but empowering, and we're sure listeners who hide their struggles will appreciate the sense of belonging and acceptance Zhaklin delivers. Towards the song's end, Zhaklin continues ramping up the energy to clarify that life's battles might shoot their shot, but they'll never stop this warrior from coming out strong in the end.

Remind yourself of your inner power with help from Zhaklin's moving and inspirational single, "I Hide It Well," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zhaklin. We honestly appreciate such a moving anthem for endurance with your recent single, "I Hide It Well." What inspired you to write this warrior-type piece?

What inspired me to write this warrior-type peace is the realization that we, women always downplay our strength, our value, and our endurance. Thus, sometimes we just have to be our own supporters and acknowledge that we are powerful, we are strong in the midst of the storm.

How would you describe your instrumental sound? What genres or sounds did you want to bring in "I Hide It Well?"

I’m an Armenian by nationality, so I try to reflect cultural sounds in my music, but for this song, "I Hide It Well," I want to keep it a straightforward singer/songwriter pop sound in order to relate to a wider audience. My instrument is the piano, therefore I do create and play all the piano parts which I also did on this track.

What was your songwriting process like for "I Hide It Well?" Was this rather challenging, or was it empowering to open your mind and heart?

Honestly, I wasn’t ready to talk about this subject until I met my co-writer by serendipity. It turned out that we do share similar health challenges and the fact that these diseases are invisible which is so hard for people to comprehend and understand what one goes through. And through our taking together, I said we need to write a song about this. So I jotted down some lyrics, then Annette, who’s a great lyricist created the most amazing lyrics that truly express how we both feel, then all I had to do is write the music for it. It felt so amazing, singing those words during recording, I am invincible, I am unshakable and for the first time feeling those words and recognizing how strong I am and our hope is with Annette, that this song will give that feeling of strength to all those suffering in silence.

What was your mission in releasing "I Hide It Well?" What effect do you want this song to have on listeners who relate to your lyrics?

This song is for all the warriors, men, and women everywhere that fight the fight, that get up every morning even though it’s so painful, who try to do their best and give their best.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is creating more music and making connections with my listener.


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