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Zhanara Releases New Hit "Mood"

Zhanara gives us an appealing and tasty music video to match her tangible single Mood”. Zhanara's star quality most definitely popped out when I was watching this exclusive video. She doesn’t only sing the song, but in the video she performs! Giving you rhythmic choreography with extra dancers to match the tempo of the song with sensual moves to fit that seductive aura and feminine lyricism. What I really loved most about the video was the different cut scenes and different looks she gave us with different outfits that complemented the certain aesthetic. It was raunchy yet sophisticated. During the entire video I couldn’t help but look at Zhanara as an iconic figure who knows how to mirror the image of a star and brand herself as an artist.

We loved the choice in locations for the video. They gave us scenes in the middle of nowhere which was a perfect background setting to really highlight the choice of clothing, alongside choreography on top of what seems to be a city landscape wearing complementary colors alongside appealing outfits. I really liked how the editing of the video matched with the erotic aura of the song. Zhanara gave us a hit record with "Mood" as well as a hit video to show us she’s the next big thing on the rise. Be on the lookout!

Don't miss out on Zhanara's "Mood" and stream it now on Spotify.

Scroll below for the artists exclusive interview!


Hi Zhanara! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey My name Zhanara im an artist in La. Ive been singing all my life. I started writing my own originals four years ago. I love what I do, because I enjoy the process. Music is the one of the main thing in my life that makes me happy.

What was your initial vision for the visual to “Mood” ?

My initial vision was to have a genuine presentation of myself to show the world. I wanted the intro to capture a moody aura to display. It was about the moment. How I was feeling at that particular point in my life. 

Have you been a part of a creation process for a music videos prior to this one?

Yes, actually I have. I like to dictate all my creative artwork as much as possible. 

Who was the stylist behind all of those fashionable pieces?

I worked with Dasha Maksimova. It was my first time working with her. She’s an amazing stylist and person. We built everything together, while looking for outfits. Also , Caanodii Avenue who provided the coolest fur coat!

Can you tell us a bit about the meaning behind the song?

To me it defines a lot of separate situations. Mainly about people who want to waste my time and frustrate me. Ive dealt with many fake people and I have just about had it with them. I wanted to sing about strength and going through a lot of stupid shit, bad shit, but still coming out a winner.  It could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but that’s mainly what it meant to me. 

What's next for you through 2019?

What’s next for me is working on my EP. I want to release it. Many new singles and more music video’s. Just new content over all. I want to really find myself more as an artist and find people who want to resonate with my new music. I want to give them a polished product, not just the bare minimum. Soon everything will be ready.


Connect with Zhanara on the artists Instagram for the latest on upcoming releases!


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