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Zhanara Shines a Lyrical Light on "Keeping me in the dark"

Electronic hip/hop artist Zhanara is known for creating music that holds sensual-like tones. Such tones compel and attract listening ears beyond compare, and she's just beginning to really hone into her craft.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Zhanara attempts to take inspiration and influence from what surrounds her and uses it as a means to create the music she writes and records. With new music being released, we're left in anticipation of the contemporary sound she's eager to offer.

Zhanara's greatly anticipated Hip/Hop single, "Keeping me in the dark," features an infectious melody that carries deep, mystified tones. The sensual persona of Zhanara's vocals highly complements the song, her refined voice is perfect for creating an almost glamorous-like atmosphere for listeners to revel in.

Zhanara's lyricism hosts the same quality of refinement, where "Keeping me in the dark" focuses on the realities of making mistakes, especially when it comes to seeking out non-platonic connections. Zhanara keeps it real and speaks her truth in "Keeping me in the dark," without adding any unnecessary fluff.

Zhanara, keep doing what you're doing because we're thoroughly enjoying your harmonious expressions.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Zhanara. How has the response to "Keeping me in the dark" been thus far amongst your listening base since its initial release?

It's been good, people noted that the melody is very catchy and can get stuck in their head for the whole day, which is a very good sign.

Were there any differing elements added into "Keeping me in the dark" that were disparate from your other track releases?

Definitely, a different and new story that I put into my lyrics. Also, I played with some vocal effects and really liked the results.

As an artist that blends both electronic and hip/hop styles into her music, would you say there's one genre you resonate with more other the other?

I think it's not even about the genre, but rather the atmosphere that I get from it, I don't pay attention to the genre, I focus on my perception.

What was one integrated message within "Keeping me in the dark" that you were hoping would be resonated amongst your listeners?

It's about a toxic relationship that I think almost everyone has had in their lives. and how you feel when you have to deal with it and when it's hard to get out and you're just being in your comfortable madness.

What's next for you?

My team and I are working on a new video for my new track "I am a woman." The release is due in October and I promise it will be something unpredictable. Stay tuned!


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