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Zigg theartist Creates a Fun and Adventurous New Release, "Fuego"

Jaron Grant, known artistically as Zigg theartist, hails from Philadelphia, PA, and is taking on the Hip/Hop music scene with confidence.

Staying true to his belief system, Zigg theartist creates music that shines a light on his way of thinking. He strives to generate music that resembles his most authentic creative thoughts and strays away from following popular trends. Already writing for various other artists and releasing his own musical style, Zigg theartist is only beginning to make his statement in the music industry, and we're anticipating it will be a bold one.

Zigg theartist has just released his anticipated single, "Fuego." The song comes with strong tenacity, as Zigg theartist offers a unique vocal delivery that promotes his current mindset, and it's definitely an intriguing one. The chorus of "Fuego" features the most intensity from Zigg theartist. He really gets into the performance, in which we highly appreciate the effort put forth, as he ensures listeners are beyond entertained with his approach.

The production of "Fuego" matches the striking persona of Zigg theartist, and in a real, complimentary sense. It goes without saying that "Fuego" adheres to a contemporary Hip/Hop music scene, a scene in which Zigg theartist clearly flourishes.

We're anticipating more of Zigg theartist's exclusive energy and persona in his future releases.

Welcome, Zigg theartist. How excited were you once "Fuego" finally dropped?! What did this particular song release mean for you? I’m super excited for this single, I haven’t released any music since my last album “Toxic” and that was the longest I ever waited to drop music, but it was time, can’t keep everybody waiting forever. I’ve just been writing my featured film “2 Toxic” during that time but I was itching to hit the scene again.

You've mentioned before that you prefer to follow your own artistic soul instead of adhering to popular trends. What kind of mindset did you have going into the construction of "Fuego," especially in regards to following your authentic creativity? I had to get back to being lit. It’s really that simple. In the last project I was more vulnerable, a lot of songs about love, and just opening up emotionally, but “Fuego” is the type of song that got me to where I am today, I haven’t even performed this song yet, and that’s all I imagined when I was creating. I know for sure I will have the building on fire when I perform this.

What kind of appeal were you hoping to create with "Fuego?" The appeal I was looking to create was just a LIT appeal. The type of song that comes on and you just feel good, bossed up, and flexing. Something to party to.

Are there any elements to "Fuego" that you believe make you stand out as a Hip/Hop artist?

The elements I believe that makes everything stand out are creativity and originality. It doesn’t sound like any song that’s out right now, the flow is different, which I pride myself on, the vibe is different, it’s just a breath of fresh air.

What's next for you?

I’m working on my featured film called “2 Toxic” it’s basically a hip-hop love story but of course, this is different as well. We’ve finished the script and now I’m in production mode to start filming. I’m working with my team and Arlyn entertainment on this project, I’m so excited for this because I believe this is going to push me to the max, you know? All I can say is stay tuned for that but also enjoy this new single.

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