Zitro Delivers "Little League" to Listeners + New Video

Singer/songwriter/producer Justin Ortiz has crafted his artistry into Zitro. Zitro draws from various aspects of his life in order to curate the right kind of sound, completely exclusive to him. If we're being honest here, Zitro definitively incorporates a surplus of contrasting melodies in order to bring about a sound that is different from the ordinary. Nonetheless, isn't that what we want as listeners soundings that are different from the average? Zitro's your go-to Alternative/Soul listening experience, and he's just come out with his album "Milton" which develops as an adventure with the introspections of Zitro.

Zitro has put his song "Little League" out into circulation for all listeners alike to hear. It's hard to classify this particular track, and honestly, his entire album "Milton" where "Little League" stems from. Zitro is trying to bring about that flowing sound that has many varying dimensions to it. This allows listeners to be confronted with a multitude of different soundings, creating an eclectic mix. "Little League" has electronic synths to add an otherworldly sensation, but keeps up with soulful vocalism that comes off as extremely powerful. Zitro has also released a music video for "Little League", which complements the eccentric stylings he's capable of synthesizing. His inspirations stem greatly from his tracks, and we're curious to see what it is Zitro can accomplish next within the music industry! 

Listen to Zitro's "Little League" here.