Zo Chills Us out With His Latest Single "Garfield" Featuring Love Keyyz

Alonzo Duncan or otherwise known as Zo is a Los Angeles based producer and songwriter. From poetry to music, Zo moved to Los Angeles from his hometown and has since worked with K Michelle, Lovy Longomba, Butta-N-Bizkit, Mike Dupree, and others. He is currently a member of HRDRV Records and has just released his latest single "Garfield" featuring Love Keyyz as the vocalist.

"Garfield" is a lovely chill out Trap record, it features a calming synth line that repeats throughout the song, high energy but still laid back impactful drums and a jarring smooth vocal that mesmerizes you as you listen. The vocal from Love Keyyz is heavily focussed on its ever so catchy hook that gets stuck in your head. The vocal performance is super cool here, it has a very relaxed vibe but still carries a lot of energy; the harmony and double lines were done incredibly well and the vocal feels big without sounding like anything crazy is happening. The minimalistic approach to "Garfield" works very well, the production is very modern sounding but still has little flairs that keep it feeling unique. From the hooky vocals to the high impact drums, this is a record that will make its way onto your playlists.

Listen to "Garfield" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alonzo Duncan! We're loving your latest single "Garfield"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like?

Thank you. I started writing the hook first. I was talking about something and I said OD like overdose and then thought about it like wait that’s funny. That’s the dog from Garfield. So I was like that could be a dope hook. I sat down and played with it and it just came to me. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t seem to catch the double entendre with OD and Odie.

We heard that you had started off as a poet and even wrote a few books, what had made you want to begin writing music? Was there anything that inspired you to do that?

I’ve always been skilled with words so poetry came naturally. I have a cousin that can sing so a year or so after I released my books I texted her and asked if I wrote a song would she sing it. She said yeah so that same day I started jotting lyrics. Finished this full song, “You say you love me”, 3 verses and a bridge. Shot it to her. She loved it but never recorded it. The song is still unreleased. I still have it tho so I’m gonna release it. Maybe this year.

The latest single "Garfield" has Love Keyyz's lovely voice on it, what was it like to work with her? How did the two of you get in touch?

Yes. Shout out to Love Keyyz. Working with her was amazing. Honestly, we connected on Facebook. We’re both from the Midwest and she was trying to connect with more creatives out here so we set up a meet and kicked it at Starbucks. We vibed and it was cool. We just talked about music and the differences between LA and back home. From then that bridge was there. A couple of weeks later I hit her about Garfield. The song was already written and I was adamant about having a female artist. She was down. I sent her the lyrics, she was feeling it so we set up the record date. The studio vibe was dope. She was super cool to work with. We’re still working together on other things.

After having written so many things from poems to books to now music, what would be your absolute favorite line you have ever written? What makes it a favorite for you?

That’s a tough one. I’m more of a visual writer. Like I love metaphors and vivid descriptions. I don’t think one line could do justice to my imagery but one of my favorite stanzas is from my poem, Deepest Metaphor, from my book, Wetter than Rain, Harder than Hail.

I say, ”Deep like...

Like the Underground Railroad

Cuz see I’m a slave for your body

Let me start at your south and head north

After I strip you of every bit of cotton

I think its one of my favorites because it hits so many of my favorite techniques. It jumps from simile to metaphor to imagery to sensuality. It has it all and its only a fraction of the full poem.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Throughout 2020 expect more music from me. I’m working on a showcase EP. I think its important as a songwriter to show off different styles and genres so that’s what I’m focused on. My next single will be a country song. I’m all about versatility. Also, be on the lookout for the HRDRV Camp Compilation Album. I penned some things on there. That’s all I can say about it right now. Also, shout out to Mickey Shiloh.




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