Zoom Into the Replay Button with ANDY's Latest Hit, "SpeedRacer"

Alternative Hip-hop has a new face, and it belongs to independent artist ANDY. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, ANDY finds inspiration in artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Kid Cudi.

He has been officially making music for the past three years but has been actively involved in the music scene over the last ten years of his life.

Fresh off of his debut EP's release, 'L8TYEAR B4 LAUNCH,' ANDY is back with a hunger in his tone and powerful work ethic to match. Bringing forth the melodic bliss sprinkled in, "SpeedRacer," the melismatic tenors that pour from this piece have us turning up the volume and submerging ourselves in the mind-altering charisma that ANDY manages to bring to the table in each of his releases.

As ANDY exudes prevailing timbres as he approaches his verses with a fusion of emcee-like bars and melodic lyrics hitting our singing sensation radar, we admire the passion that is poured into this body of work. "SpeedRacer," dips us into an opulent universe that features reflections of Travis Scott's memorable tempo changes and slick cadences.

Heightening our senses as we float into the lucid atmosphere ANDY fashions through his beguiling charm, we submit ourselves to the idea that "SpeedRacer," will be on repeat for time to come.

The enigmatic spirit that lurks in the approach that ANDY uses to attack a beat is here to stay. As he continues to customize his own lane by expanding on musical inspiration to come before him, we have no doubt that we will see ANDY's name in bright lights in the near future.

Congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “SpeedRacer.” We are enthralled with the atmosphere that you create in this song! What moment or story inspired the artistic direction that you run with?

Thank you guys for having me! This is super dope! Man...SPEEDRACER’s story starts with me watching the anime show speed racer and I was going through a tough time mentally. I believe music becomes relatable when you tie references of nostalgia to it, so I tied the show's influence and the world to how I felt about a certain bond I was in. I wanted to make a song about someone finally being able to hold their weight in a relationship. That “hey I’m better now and I want to show you I’m better” so the next day I hit that booth with nothing but that energy to deliver that story

Could you please share a glimpse of what your creative process looked like when you sculpted the sound for “SpeedRacer”? Was the creative direction of you both singing and rapping always in place for this record?

At first, I wanted it to be nothing but singing, not like R&B but more like some melodic Kid Cudi vibes for sure. But I decided to rap the versus so people could really listen. I like sounds...shit that takes you to the moon and back. I wanted the instrumentation to make you feel the adrenaline while the words hit you with emotion. Kinda like the race scenes in the anime

There is some talk about more projects coming from you; which we are thrilled to hear! Are you able to let your audience know what you have in store?

Hmm maybe another project coming soon, It’ll have to be something you can mosh and cry to at the same time but look cool as fuck while doing it. Let’s just foreshadow that.

As an artist, you have a message to deliver to your audience. What is the main message that you send out to your listeners through your music?

The world only gets one you, be legendary, feel everything and be unapologetic when you do it. Experience and embrace the unpredictable because there’s no blueprint to life. But whatever you don’t be afraid to embrace the feelings you feel.

What's next for you?

I got a new song dropping out in April called “The Chase” I get more personal with reflecting on my past which is a first for me so I’m excited to let my listeners hear what’s in store.