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Zuma Quintero Shares His “Dreams,” In New Song Debut

San Diego-resider Zuma Quintero is your modern, fresh, and emerging music producer, full of originality. Beginning his music career by making beats for local artists, Zuma Quintero grew his portfolio to a new stage once he dabbled in the DJ'ing world. Now, Zuma Quintero is taking off with a fling of music releases that inspire creativity amongst its listeners.

Zuma Quintero keeps his latest single debut short and sweet, and sweet is it ever. "Dreams" possesses your typical feel-good hip/hop-inspired production, including a wave of refreshing sonic blends and consistent, rejuvenating beats. When it comes to the actual vocals chosen for the song, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know the harmonious stylings seamlessly blend into the workings of Zuma Quintero.

Zuma Quintero has always been inspired to craft genuinely affecting ambiances with his production work. "Dreams" is one project that easily shows a real Zuma Quintero canvas, where many of his foundational musical quirks, styles, and originalities are displayed. The bridge between psychedelia and modern hip/hop is the most perplexing element to "Dreams," and it inevitably shows Zuma Quintero's authentic approach when it comes to mixing and producing his vibe-worthy atmospheres.

"Dreams" created a certain hunger for more of Zuma Quintero's offerings, and so we'll patiently wait for more releases from this up-and-coming music producer.

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