ZWG Davo Proves Dominance With Hard-Hitting Freestyle

Young independent Chicago rapper, ZWG Davo has built himself up from nothing. From humble beginnings, ZWG Davo uses his music as an outlet to show who he truly is to his audience. His expert flow and relatable rhymes set him apart in the music scene today. 

ZWG Davo kicks in with intention and grit on this latest freestyle. The performance manages to captivate and significantly exceed expectations as ZWG Davo flaunts both his story and his unwavering flow in the moment. Though you only get just over a minute and a half of bars and music here, ZWG Davo makes sure to fill that time with more than enough smooth rhythm, confidence and purpose to compel even the most classic of hip hop fans. There’s a refreshing air of talent to the delivery, the lyrics, the tone and the stripped-back nature of the performance all lean in the direction of the genre’s first appearance in music; that depth, that honesty, and that natural connection to the beat.

Check out ZWG Davo’s freestyle here and read more in our exclusive interview below! 


Hey ZWG Davo! Where did your musical journey begin? How would you say your sound or your creative and professional approach has evolved over time?

My musical journey started when I was little. Me and my lil cousin/brother Teon would record on our flip phones. We would just sit and freestyle as kids saying anything! Everything I put out is on purpose not a lot of artist can say that. I don’t do this for anyone...I do it for me!

If someone could only listen to one out of your collection, what song would you suggest and why?

Letter To Little Devin only because that was from the heart and I made that on the night of his birthday.

What are some challenges you faced as up and coming artists? How have you overcome those challenges? 

Challenges I face as an upcoming artist is haters. They don’t hate you because your music suck..They hate cause u doing better than them in life. I don’t care or listen to them but it just shows when u doing something positive it’s always people that wanna see you down bad.

What’s the hope for you going forwards as a project in 2019 and beyond?

Hopes I have going forward is to keep grinding and working on my craft and to be bigger than I was a year before. To also get my family out where we been at all my life into a bigger house.

What do you aspire to achieve as an artist?

I aspire to achieve as an artist my life dream. Which is to make sure my family and homies straight so we never have to worry about been broke again!


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